basic civil and environmental engineering (bcee)_u savitribai phule pune university board of studies work measuremen work study work study and work measurement construction scheduling artificial intelligence technique for civil engine introduction to artificial intelligence technique civil engineering artificial intelligence technique human resource management material management risk management value engineering financial aspects of construction project labour laws overview of construction sector _ unit 1 _ constru effects and remedial measures associated with nois causes effects and remedial measures associated with wate effects and remedial measures associated with air fsi. plot area plinth area carpet area economy use of various eco-friendly materials in orientation sanitation circulation privacy grouping roominess prospect viz. aspect unit vi: • special townships smart city sez remote sensing in planning. gps and rs in planning by s. r. kate gps gis crz architecture and town planning _unit 3_sppu_spacia amrut guidelines • application of gis amrut rera and maha-rera by s. r. kate udpfi architecture and town planning _unit 5_sppu_larr • real estate (regulation and development )act 201 infrastructure etc.) unit v: • land acquisition rehabilitation and rese b. e. civil 2015 course (w. e. f. june 2018) 40100 savitribai phule pune university intelligent transport systems traffic management • traffic transportation systems: hierarchy of urb sra) mmrda/ pmrda • planning agencies for various levels of planning water supply & sanitation land use housing unit iv: • various types of civic surveys required architecture and town planning _unit 3_sppu_town p structure plan. city development plan types of development plans: master plan town planning scheme. • neighborhood plan development plan benefits of planning. • levels of planning: region components of planning • goals and objectives of planning architecture and town planning • principles and el material (soft and hard). • urban renewal for qual elements principles objectives • landscaping: importance architecture and town planning demand of the area and supply utility future growth etc. • role of “urban planner and ar utility of spaces ecofriendly contextual • qualities of architecture: user friendly
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