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How good Social Media and Event Technology enhance the event experience

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How good Social Media and Event Technology enhance the event experience

  1. 1. How Social Media and Event Technology enhance the event experience Josh Dry - Marketing Executive at ShowGizmo and Event Camp Organiser @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 Josh@ShowGizmo.com
  2. 2. ShowGizmoThe app for all events @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  3. 3. What are Event Camps?• Started via #Eventprofs• #ECDU12, #ECME12 and #ECME13• Live Hybrid Events with remote audiences• Event Profs around the World present• Sharing latest trends and technologies @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  4. 4. What is the point of good Social Media for Events?Not Social Media #101Before, During and AfterUsed to help achieve your event objectivesChannels are open (whether you like it or not) E.g.1 Crowd-sourced notes via Google Doc at NetHui 2012 E.g.2 #susanalbumparty and #nowthatchersdead @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  5. 5. What is the point of good Tech at Events?Make some otherwise timely processesstreamlined i.e. Why we emailThe unseen hero; registration systems,lead capture, event apps, voting handsets What is happening at Convene 2013 today? @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  6. 6. Good Social Media and Event Tech make events better: Example: See a Tweet see the Hashtag more Event Info (website, live stream link)  watching stream Tweet a question  get a reply! Direct/Free/Fast/Educational/Feel-good experience for an otherwise non-attendee. @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  7. 7. Social Media Concierge @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  8. 8. What makes a good SMC?Knowledge of Tech, Social Media and theevent objectivesA SMC that can talk on camera andunderstands the audiences @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  9. 9. Achieving event ROIs throughSocial Media and EventTechnology… Use ShowGizmo for Reach one or many events: Engagement with audience/ source to source conversations Keeping it digital (info and comms) Capturing these leads Using reports Status/Kudos @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  10. 10. Now is the time to mobilise BYOD Sharing + Communicating Digitally Green and Sustainable The work that Event Apps can do… ‘The use of smartphones will continue to grow from 50% of exhibition visitors currently to 90% in the next two years’ – Feb Edition Exhibition News @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  11. 11.  Connect Create profile Upload info Search Favourite Facebook Twitter Plan Show info People info Downloads Schedule Venue map Notifications @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  12. 12. For Delegates…  Plan your schedule  Connect with the right people  Download information  Share what you find  Provide feedback in real time@ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  13. 13. For Exhibitors… Delegates scan Exhibitor QR codes with the ShowGizmo scanner: Leads for exhibitors Info straight to delegates phones@ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  14. 14. Where are Event Apps headed? IPS RFID AR HUD FOTP Where are they not headed? Registration Own internal social side To the nearest recycle centre @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  15. 15. Thinking Green and Sustainable Digital communication / collateral is eliminating waste No Duplicated Technologies programmes Eliminating time + costs Opportunities: Saving on your and their print costs (event in Middle East giving away $48 tablets) Virtual Goodiebags? @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  16. 16. Live Polls: fully configurable by you, display results in real time Vote Now! @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  17. 17. There is Rapid Growth in boththese areas! New tool ‘Vine’ Lanyrd / Slideshare / Storify /Esponce Videos still king 1st Event App acquisition How to Know/Find out about these?#eventprofs, LizKing, CorbinBall @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  18. 18. It’s what attendees want…You can reach them and theycan reach youThe potential sharing reach ofyour contentIf you won’t your competitors will @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  19. 19. What success looks like…… Success = all the ways it was enhanced It’s not just the experience either… Success can be: attendance numbers (online), increased sponsor promotion, new leads captured (more or cheaper), new social connectios, demonstrating new technologies Event Camp success: no budget thus no revenue. Reach and strength of knowledge shared@ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  20. 20. Your event is just around the corner… Get the balls rolling in social and tech spaces… Template Event Apps like ShowGizmoare ready now! EMBRACE IT before and during@ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  21. 21. And After?Increasing the time of your event…Leverage from what you have done…(Tweet Category, Event App reports anduse of Technology reports!)How the event achieved its ROIs throughgood social media and eventtechnology…. what were yourmeasures-what do results looks like? @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  22. 22. Future proof your events today! Think about your goals! Focus Event Tech and Social Media on ROI Give it a go! Feedback Loop: use reports and evaluations ‘If you don’t have an event app for your event by the end of this year, your attendees will be asking why’ – Corbin Ball, ABEE 2012 @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  23. 23. LIVE POLL RESULTS Everyone benefits: Attendees, exhibitors, producers, sponsors@ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com
  24. 24. THANK YOU!We are on stand #95, come have a chatabout Event Tech, Social Media, EventApps or your events…info@ShowGizmo.com or @ShowGizmoUse the app today and let us know whatyou think… @ShowGizmo #Convene2013 josh@ShowGizmo.com