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Audio Projects for Digital Learners

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My books- Hacking Digital Learning Strategies http://hackingdls.com & Learning to Go https://gum.co/learn2go

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Audio Projects for Digital Learners

  1. Photo by A. Germain, Flic.kr/p/6zbvCv ShellyTerrell.com/audio Audio Projects for Digital Learners
  2. “Radio is the most intimate and socially personal medium in the world.” - Harry von Zell
  3. Podcasts Interviews Reviews News Debates Radio shows Announcements Radio dramas
  4. Evaluate podcasts & broadcasts
  5. Otr.com/news.html
  6. Americanart.si.edu/education/ activities/podcasts Digitalpodcast.com Podcastdirectory.com
  7. Photo by pasukaru76, Flic.kr/p/9y5wxh Interviews
  8. Storycorps.org
  9. Brainstorm Research Edit it Script it Remix it Record it Broadcast it
  10. Gum.co/learn2go
  11. Readwritethink.org
  12. Photo by Skyfaller, Flic.kr/p/bwXqv Record, remix & edit!
  13. Garageband Audacity
  14. Garageband
  15. Soundation
  16. Character Texts • Email & save recordings • Embed on a blog, wiki, site • Messages can be saved onto your computer • No registration is required, • with registration you can access your last recordings • You can rerecord messages Vocaroo.com
  17. Photo by Thomas, Flic.kr/p/iz5fGi Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of one or more previous ideas. - Austin Kleon Remix
  18. CCMixter.org & App
  19. Freesound.org
  20. Pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/creative-commons/id13246080
  21. Broadcast it!
  22. Audioboom, iPadio, Podomatic, Soundcloud
  23. Create music or podcasts together with Soundation & Flat
  24. Blabberize.com Talking Pictures
  25. Voicethread.com • Free iPad app • Doodle, comment by voice/text • Upload videos, images, documents
  26. In Her World by Nana B Agyei, Flickr Apps
  27. Get-puppet.co iOS App
  28. Talking Ben & Tom News IOS & Android App
  29. Character Texts • Upload your own images • Add stickers • Add mouths to characters • More than one slide • Voice distortion YakIt for Kids IOS App Freakngenius.com
  30. Animate animals, drawings, & objects Chatterpix Kids IOS App
  31. Spark.adobe.com Web/iOS/iPad App
  32. Tell About This iOS App
  33. Create audio comics! ComicsHead.com (iPad/Android)
  34. ShellyTerrell.com/music Americantesol.com/blogger/ speakingtoolsforkids2016
  35. @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Gum.co/learn2go ShellyTerrell.com/audio Youtube.com/user/atesol