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My data. Our data.

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A presentation to the Open Mobile Alliance conference on big data, Dublin, 6th June 2013

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My data. Our data.

  1. 1. YOU.ME.SOCIAL.MYDATA.OURDATA.Open Mobile Alliance, Dublin conference, 6th June 2013Public information. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
  2. 2. Mydata.Ourdata.According to IBM 90% of todays datawas created in the past two years.Paucity of data marked the 20th Century.Having too much of the stuff has rapidly become thechallenge and the opportunity of the 21st.
  3. 3. Mydata.Ourdata.Abnormal curveMost organisations have little ‘big data capability’.Big data capabilityFor illustration purposes only. Not the result of quantitative research or analysis!
  4. 4. Mydata.Ourdata.Personal data can be:Volunteered my photos, my tweets,my postsindividuals aware of the act ofpublic sharing, if not alwayscognisant of the implicationsObserved transaction history,location data, web visitsindividuals not currently aware ofthe depth or breadth ofobservationInferred through data analysis,data combination, dataminingindividuals largely ignorant andpowerless; perhaps suspicious
  5. 5. Datahasnovalueofitself
  6. 6. Mydata.Ourdata.Data has no value of itselfA collection of data is not information – for thatit also requires context and understanding.A collection of information is not knowledge.We must build knowledge from information byidentifying and interpreting patterns.
  7. 7. Mydata.Ourdata.Not black and whiteIf data has no value of itself, alone...If data is intangible and can be replicated at negligible cost...en some of our language loses its original meaning.ownership it’s mineit’s yourspropertyprivacy
  8. 8. Mydata.Ourdata.New perspectives on the use of dataData activelycollected withuser awarenessUnlocking the Value of Personal Data, WEF, Feb 2013. WEF and the Boston Consulting Group.Most data frommachine to machinetransactions andpassive collection(difficult to notify individuals)
  9. 9. Mydata.Ourdata.New perspectives on the use of dataDefinition ofpersonal data ispredeterminedand binaryDefinition of personaldata is contextual anddependent on socialnormsUnlocking the Value of Personal Data, WEF, Feb 2013. WEF and the Boston Consulting Group.
  10. 10. Mydata.Ourdata.New perspectives on the use of dataData collected forspecified use Economic value andinnovation come fromcombining data setsand subsequent usesUnlocking the Value of Personal Data, WEF, Feb 2013. WEF and the Boston Consulting Group.
  11. 11. Mydata.Ourdata.New perspectives on the use of dataThe user is thedata subject The user can be thedata subject, the datacontroller, and/or dataprocessorUnlocking the Value of Personal Data, WEF, Feb 2013. WEF and the Boston Consulting Group.
  12. 12. Mydata.Ourdata.New perspectives on the use of dataThe individualprovides legalconsent but is nottruly engagedIndividuals engageand understand howdata is used and howvalue is createdUnlocking the Value of Personal Data, WEF, Feb 2013. WEF and the Boston Consulting Group.
  13. 13. Mydata.Ourdata.New perspectives on the use of dataPolicy frameworkfocuses onminimising risks tothe individualPolicy focuses onbalancing protectionwith innovationindividual andeconomic growthUnlocking the Value of Personal Data, WEF, Feb 2013. WEF and the Boston Consulting Group.
  14. 14. It’snotactuallysocialmediathatmatters
  15. 15. Mydata.Ourdata.We dont have social media for medias sake butto communicate.We dont communicate for communicationssake, but to influence.Influencing and being influenced is part andparcel of organisational life. Indeed, of life.
  16. 16. Mydata.Ourdata.Social business entails designing an organisationaround such influence flows, connectingeveryone involved in its success, connecting allthe data, information and knowledge all aroundit, more openly, productively and profitably,with the application of social web, big data andrelated information technologies.
  17. 17. Mydata.Ourdata.And because those influence flows are inconstant flux, the design of the organisationis too.Critically, the organisation is no longerdefined as the sum of its payroll either.
  18. 18. CRMandotherwaystoannoythecustomer
  19. 19. Mydata.Ourdata.CRM and social analytics today arent customer-centric. ey are an organization-centric view of thecustomer.When an organization augments the customer recordwith its perceptions and conceptions, it increases thenumber of misperceptions and misconceptions.
  20. 20. Mydata.Ourdata."In apparently attempting to put the customer first, it has amassedall this high tech weaponry on its side of the table to lend itmicroscopic visibility of its relationship with the customer, leavingthe customer with nothing like the equivalent capability. ecustomer is adri, uncertain of what the company knows or, moreaccurately, thinks it knows, and is unable to find out. Just as socialmedia was rebalancing the relationship, the balance of power hasgone against the customer again and he knows it. Or at least feels itand lives with the consequences."Attenzi, Chapter 60
  21. 21. Mydata.Ourdata.Business is the activity of creating mutual value theconsequence of which is profit.Social is the activity of nurturing relationships, mutualunderstanding and collaboration to improve business.So what better way to achieve this than to equipindividuals with the same data and analytics tools Big Co.,and Big Government have equipped themselves with.
  22. 22. Mydata.Ourdata.VRM – vendor relationship managementink of VRM as the other side of the CRM coin.Longer term, we should seek to equip and empower andliberate the individual across all her roles in life –customer, citizen, employee, vendor, supplier, investor,family member, friend, custodian of the planet, etc.
  23. 23. Doyouhelpalltheindividuals(stakeholders)associatedwithyourorganisationbuildricher,moreproductiverelationshipswitheachotherandothers,coalescingbyneedanddesire,knowledgeandcapability,sharedvaluesandsharedvalue?
  24. 24. Mydata.Ourdata.e OMA has the opportunity to help realise this vision.To improve markets, society, life.e OMA has the opportunity to maintain the status quo,applying new technologies to maintain and grow existingpower imbalances.EnchantmentEntrenchment
  25. 25. Mydata.Ourdata.e Business of Influence, Wiley, 2011.With foreword by Robert L. Howie, Jr., then Managing Director,CMO, Palladium Group, Inc., Director, Kaplan Norton BalancedScorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy.
  26. 26. Mydata.Ourdata.And if good old-fashioned storytellingis more your thing, you might likeAttenzi – a social business story.A free ebook, with foreword by Adam Pisoni,Microso Yammer co-founder and CTO.#attenziPhilip Sheldrake, Managing Partner, Euler Partnerswww.eulerpartners.com @sheldrake