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  1. Conducting Research
  2. The Introduction (The first element) 1-Key element of a research paper (First thing--->reviewers or your future readers ) If NOT well written(contribution and novelty)?
  3. • Differences are superficial • Focused by readers • 80-90% same across the fields
  4. • Two ways of starting a research paper • 1-Present the importance of the topic • (Why should they care about your study?) • Considerable amount of research has been devoted to...... • The importance: • The society in general
  5. The second way of starting the paper • The definition of the key concept
  6. For example disease like Alzheimer State the importance of for the society Give a specific number *Reverse the sequence
  7. The second • A brief literature review • Differ from field to field (1 -2 or 3-5 paragraphs) • What you need to do here? • ( Identify 2-4 key topics for readers- ----before identifying the reseach gap and the aim) • Organization: General to specific? • 1 paragraph: 1 topic?
  8. The research Gap • -The element which can make the paper rejected or • - major revision Numerous studies on on X and Y that have been conducted however, there is a lack of research on X, Y and Z. In addition, the previous studies are limited, because X Y and Z.......followed by the problem.
  9. Avoid:please don't you know State the AIM research questions objectives etc. Instead: 1-2 sentences, say what the aim of your study is.
  10. • Sometimes be useful • Sometimes be used in • 1) A s(1-2 sentences) • 2) of the paper • 2) Conclusion section but...(Clear to the reviewers as well what novelty your paper brings)
  11. • To present the structure of the paper • No very common • Depends on different fields • One papragraph
  12. • "You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having." – Frank Lloyd Wright