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ShawnGomes_Resume - 2015

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ShawnGomes_Resume - 2015

  1. 1. Shawn J Gomes Home Phone: 905-426-1599 Cell: 647-406-1599 Alternative Cell: 647-588-1599 Email: sgomes1971@live.com Home Email: shawn_drinda@rogers.com LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=AAIAAAU9RQ4BftDL4wK25WNw4tyM4- nXNCE8My4&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile Professional experience Profile • Currently working as the Logistics Supervisor for Plexxus at the WCH (Women’s College Hospital) • Worked as a Senior Merchandiser at Shopper’s Drug Mart – Supply Chain Operations for 8 months • Worked at IBM/Geodis for 20 years in Logistics, Project Management, Application Owner, Business Transformation, Supply Chain Operations and Server Sales • Ability to recognize areas of productivity and profitability by identifying improvement opportunities and implementing corrective actions. • Strong communication and organizational skills. • Received several sales awards from IBM Canada including recognition on areas for continuous improvements Project Management activities/implementation: • AFT to eCustoms (Canada Import System) - Oct. 2006 • D2D (Door-to-Door) - April 2007 • SAP-FA (Fixed Assets) - Jan. 2008 • Project Mobius Heavy - Aug. 2008 • EDI Shipment Visibility w/Nadiscorp - Dec. 2008 • Transition 3PL partners from Nadiscorp to Mackie- Feb. 2009 Logistics Project Management responsibilities: • Lead various logistics projects to completion • Work with vendor managers & GL stakeholders • Lead peer/corporate reviews, QMX doc upkeep, TR owner, dept process testing, pandemic planning Employer History Current Employer: Plexxus • 06/2016 – Current • Current Position: Logistics Supervisor Previous Employer: Shopper’s Drug Mart • 10/2015 – 06/2016 • Previous Position: Senior Merchandiser Previous Employer: Geodis Global Solutions Canada • 04/2009 – 08/2015 • Previous Position: Logistics Project Manager & Export Compliance Operations Previous Employer: IBM Canada • 10/1994 – 04/2009 • Previous Position(s): Logistics Project Manager & Traffic Team Lead, Application Owner, Team Lead for Web-Connections Technical Coordinators, PC and Server Sales Specialist Plexxus Assignment History 06/2016 – Present: Logistics Supervisor Description: Responsible in providing leadership and direction for the logistics staff at the WCH (Women’s College Hospital) and leading them in a team oriented approach with a major focus on customer service, logistics operations, inventory management and replenishment.
  2. 2. Shopper’s Drug Mart Assignment History 10/2015 – 06/2016: Senior Merchandiser Description: Responsible for receiving/managing merchandise from DC & local deliveries and ensures proper documentation of the receiving and return of goods. Complete planogram adjustments and ensures signage and talkers are displayed according to operating standards. Uses the PDT system to cycle count and replenish inventory through MMS system. Geodis Global Solutions Canada Assignment History 04/2009 – 08/2015: Team Lead, Logistics Project Manager & Export Compliance Ops, Markham, Ontario, Canada Description: Responsible for driving strategic projects and managing all variables associated with the project, such as budget, business control readiness, project timetable, resources and supplier resources IBM Canada Assignment History 09/2008 – 04/2009: Logistics Project Manager and Traffic Team Lead Description: Responsible for driving strategic projects and managing all variables associated with the project, such as budget, business control readiness, project timetable, resources and supplier resources 01/2004 - 09/2008: Application Owner/Business Transformation Description: Ensured application compliance with all corporate standards, business measurements, access controls and tracing mechanisms are in place. I assisted with other Global Logistics projects in regards to our Canadian Imports business cutover plan towards e-Customs Canada and our Canadian Fulfillment business requirements for the Canadian Direct Delivery project. I was involved with Project Mobius. As part of the Business Core Team, I own the ASCA elements/review of the new SDS-IW and work on other business activities such as documenting the Business Requirements, Data Migration Plan, and sun-setting the ELIT application. 01/2001 - 01/2004 PCD Project Manager/Application Owner Description: Implemented a credit card fraud prevention (web-based) tactic for our IBM PCD telesales rep to use. By utilizing the Trans Union tool (3rd party company), we were able to decrease the number of Credit Card frauds, resulting in a decrease in the number of charge-backs, thus saving IBM thousands of dollars. I also belonged to a cross function team which we successfully completed the order fulfillment/leasing project. This project allowed IBM Canada to move another step closer to the strategic direction of getting our lease and finance fulfillment business ready to for the SAP platform. The changes that we made in our legacy systems has given us the ability to consolidate our lease/finance items on one order (i.e. by having the ability to accept multiple payment types in one order, this increases our transaction processing and shipping turnaround times). 07/1999 - 01/2001 Web-connections Team Lead for Technical Coordinators Description: Helped pioneer and establish the processes around the Web Connections mission. The Web Connections mission was to sell and support to the SMB marketplace email and web hosting services 10/1994 - 07/1999 PC and Server Sales Description: Won several best sales of the month awards from 1996 through to 1999. Won a SAA (Special Achievement Award) for my success in sales back in 1996 where I made over 1 million in consumer sales Education Qualifications Bachelor of Arts in Sociology University of Toronto, Canada, 1994 Key Skills • Lotus Smartsuite • Application management • Business transformation • Strategy planning/Implementation • Project management • Strong communication and organizational skills Key Courses and Training • Sales Territory Management, IBM, 04/1998 • Soft Selling in a Hard World, VASS Training Group, 05/1999 • Managing the Project Team, IBM, 05/2002 • Leadership – Project Team Environment, IBM, 05/2003 • On Demand Business Fundamentals, IBM, 05/2004 • Import Education Certification, IBM, 03/2005 • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course & exam, IBM, 02/2006 • Exceptional Customer Service Global Integration, IBM, 03/2008
  3. 3. • Business Controls Orientation, IBM, 11/2008