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Advertising and women PPT

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Hiii, This presentation was made by me for my assignment. I would like all of you to go through it not just for the sake of going or extracting information. Its just not for students to go through it and copy paste content but also to show up a cause how women are important and some factors of women in advertising. It was just not a project but also how eventually women and advertising has reached to a very interesting level with rising on its fastened pace. I would like all to not just see but read and go through. It could be a great help I suppose.
Thank you.
Its Shalvee Shirke over here.
Continue scrolling and reading have a great time.
(This was my very first post well I am looking forward to post more)

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Advertising and women PPT

  1. 1. Advertising and Women ACS Presentation
  2. 2. Advertising • Advertising is a marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea. • Sponsors of advertising are typically businesses wishing to promote their products or services. • Advertising is differentiated from public relations in that an advertiser pays for and has control over the message. • It differs from personal selling in that the message is non-personal, i.e., not directed to a particular individual. • Advertising is communicated through various mass media, including traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising or direct mail; and new media such as search results, blogs, social media, websites or text messages. • The actual presentation of the message in a medium is referred to as an advertisement, or "ad" or advert for short.
  3. 3. A Coca-Cola advertisement from the 1890s "Drink Coca-Cola 5¢", an 1890s advertising poster showing a woman in fancy clothes (partially vaguely influenced by 16th- and 17th-century styles) drinking Coke. The card on the table says "Home Office, The Coca-Cola Co. Atlanta, Ga. Branches: Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dallas". Notice the cross-shaped color registration marks near the bottom center and top center (which presumably would have been removed for a production print run). Someone has crudely written on it at lower left (with an apparent leaking fountain pen) "Our Faovrite" . The woman who modeled for this artwork was Hilda Clark (1872-1932). Advertising Poster
  4. 4. Advertising • Advertisement is one of the major weapons used by various national as well as international brands to gain popularity for their products. • Especially the television commercials are more attention-seeking as most of the population spends at least some of their time watching television. • These commercials appear during the breaks taken during the program so automatically people watch them while waiting for their programs to continue. • The brands pay high amounts to the channels for showing their advertisements on the televisions.
  5. 5. Women in Advertising
  6. 6. Women In Advertising
  7. 7. Women In Advertising • Women, in the old times, were used in advertisements to portray delicacy and tenderness. Even in the movies, they were portrayed to be delicate and very soft by heart so they were basically included in the advertisement of brands of washing powders, talcum powders etc. • For example, Nirma, a famous Indian brand of washing powder, has been including only women in their advertisements since its advent, as in India an ideal women is considered to do all household work, including washing clothes.
  8. 8. Women In Advertising • Nirma Washing Powder Advertisement
  9. 9. Women In Advertising • With time, home-makers i.e. women started being included in the advertisement of the brands of household appliances, utensils, feminine talcum powders etc. • Hawkins, the brand of Indian pressure cooker has been portraying women as a mother as well as a wife in its commercials. As the food cooked by a mother is considered to be the tastiest food in Indian society (arguably for the love and care put in), and when the mother is unable to do so, the wife gets into the role.
  10. 10. Women In Advertising Hawkins Pressure Cooker Advertisement
  11. 11. Women In Advertising • Today, women are not just a symbol of delicacy and tenderness; they portray sensuous as well as strong roles on the television. Women are also used to increase glamour in the advertisements. • Brands like Axe and Addiction (Deodorants) include women in their commercials to make their commercials sensational and tempting. Women get attracted to the masculine fragrances in these ads, so these ads appear quite appealing to the youth.
  12. 12. Women In Advertising • Axe Deodorants Advertisement
  13. 13. Women In Advertisement • Next, women are also seen in the ads of scooties and cars, sometimes to increase the glamour and sometimes to portray girl-power. • Pleasure, an Indian scooty brand has its tagline as ‘Why should boys have all the fun!’ Here women are used to show that they are no less than men. Upon the dawn of enlightenment, women have come to play strong roles in advertisements and not just objects of desire. But sadly, the latter part of it refuses to whither. • Women can also be seen in the ads of condoms, attracting men towards themselves. In telling about the significance of using protection, the advertisers serve a dual purpose — glamour and deliverance of a crucial message! • Women can be seen in almost all type of ads today, be it feminine, be it strong, be it delicate: they fit into all kind of roles and possess the potential to portray in perfectly! • All in all, it’s safe to say that the world of advertisement is
  14. 14. Women In Advertising • Pleasure Scooty Advertisement
  15. 15. Some Facts Of Women Advertising Women account for 85% of consumer purchases (She- conomy) 22% of women shop online at least once per day (Ogilvy & Mather) 33% of women research products online before purchasing them offline (Harris Interactive) More than half of mothers active on social media platforms (55%) said they made a purchase based on the recommendatio n of a friend (Keller Fay Group) Women control 73% of U.S. household spending (Boston Consulting Group, 2009) Women account for 58% of U.S. ecommerce spend (Women’s Buying Behavior Index 2013) The average woman sees 400 to 600 advertisement s per day (“Body Image and Advertising,” Mediascope Press, 2000) As a demographic, mothers represent a $2.4 trillion market (“Power Moms: The New Rules for Engaging Mom Influencers Who Drive Brand Choice,” Maria Bailey)
  16. 16. Positive Impacts of Advertising on Women • Based on Health • Based on Cosmetics Positive Appeal Uplifting Content Healthy Pursuits Aging Healthy and Beauty Comparison Shopping Cosmetics and Self- Esteem
  17. 17. Negative Impacts of Advertising on Women Excessive Thinness Sexual Exploitation Ageism Consequence – Free Fantasies
  18. 18. Examples of Advertisements in Old Days
  19. 19. 6 Most Common Stereotypes Domestic Obsessive Selfless Nurturer The Fraught Juggler
  20. 20. 6 Most Common Stereotypes The Bit Part Unattainable Goddess Sex Toy
  21. 21. The Impact of Female Empowerment • Research suggests that the progress women have made both in their careers and society has made them more receptive to marketing that represents their desires • While there is still a multitude of media that exhibits women in a stereotypical fashion, there has been an influx of positive messages targeted to females. • Modern women have more economic and political power than those in previous decades, so advertising has adjusted its messaging to resonate with this changing demographic. • Thus, we have seen a shift in advertising portraying domesticated and/or objectified females to those who are independent, confident, and liberated, thus empowered. • While a seemingly emotionally complex idea, empowerment can exist on a smaller scale, such as purchasing a specific product or brand that promotes pro-female messaging, a concept that been taken as far as being spoofed in satirical publications such as The Onion (Gill, 2008). …
  22. 22. Thank You