school management education andragogy pedagogy research instrument basic management process heutagogy teaching tactics teaching technique teaching strategy teaching method planning of teaching teaching maxims of teaching features of teaching text book reading method discussion method demonstration method lecture method of teaching methods of teaching nature of teaching principles of teaching definition of teaching introduction to teaching culture/environment arranging the class classroom decoration use of modern technology seating arrangements co-curricular activities elements and school activities institutional performance curriculum management: tool development educational research research instrument developmen development and analysis tabulation of data classroom management records record keeping in the school data collection instrument data collection tool instrument of research data collection tools of the research development & analysis the questionnaire school activities planning yearly calendar assigning role to staff curriculum evaluation evaluation curriculum revision monitoring curriculum monitoring and supervising supervising curriculum appraisal processes performance evaluation effective discipline school arrangement principles of management school registers maintaining stock registers financial records communication network establishing communication meetings in school & establish principles of school managemen relationship between sociology and education scope of sociology in education sociology of education educational sociology design of curriculum models of curriculum skilbeck model dynamic model types of teaching aids need & importance of teaching aids need and use of a.v aids how to use low cost teaching aids principle of usage introduction to teaching aids pictoral form frequency distribution ranking standard deviation percentage referencing framework interpretation of test scores methods of interpreting test scores teaching of english grammar-translation method types of innovative method teaching science innovative methods indetify learning abilities presentation set induction student evalution world wide wed (www) internet web browser search engine uses of media in learning situation uses of media media & its types & uses
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