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Designing a Cultural Phenomenon into a Digital/Physical Journey - Futurice - #sda15

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#Snapshot is an interactive photography exhibition in which we applied service design methods to build a personal journey for the visitors. The work is a collaboration between Futurice, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Tampere University and Aalto University. The story of how we designed the exhibition will be presented inside the exhibition itself, at The Finnish Museum of Photography, Kaapelitehdas. Presenters: Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger from the museum and Risto Sarvas from Futurice.

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Designing a Cultural Phenomenon into a Digital/Physical Journey - Futurice - #sda15

  1. 1. Designing a Cultural Phenomenon SDA15
  2. 2. Exhibition’s Objective: How has the Internet changed everyone’s photography?
  3. 3. Design challenge: How to turn culture into something that people can walk into?
  4. 4. No clear tech platform No client organisation No existing solutions No business drivers No ready brand Yes: a great opportunity to take service design to new frontiers!
  6. 6. A Tight Alliance MUSEUM Experience with exhibitions Understanding of audiences Desire to open photography to people! SERVICE DESIGN Designing experiences Co-creation methods Desire to make meaningful design! ACADEMIA Rich knowledge on photography The big questions in network society Desire to make complexity tangible!
  7. 7. Profiles 9 DIFFERENT PEOPLE Age 13 – 52 Different professions. Different phases in life. Different views on photography. 9 TARGET VISITORS Why would Ville come? What would Mary like to see? How would Sara tell about it? What would Kim think afterwards? 9 PROFILES Routines Issues Emotions Thoughts … on photography and photos. Shared Grounding
  8. 8. Embrace the Richness Tie it Together Design Drivers …social media, hastags, selfies then and now, smart phones, mass of photos, aesthetics of snapshots, repeating motives, new way of looking, politics of snapshots, artists’ work, privacy concerns, internet memes, picture messaging, Instagram, location data, video sharing, blogging, history of snapshots, photo albums, business interests… Several different installations! A coherent and personal visitor experience.
  9. 9. A coherent (customer) journey & smörgåsbord of installations. How to get our message through? Tight grip in beginning and end! How to make it personal? Design the middle for free choice. Coherent Richness
  10. 10. Internet + Kodak + interaction + selfie + “This is about You!” Beginning: Social Media Gate
  11. 11. The Middle
  12. 12. Building an analytics dashboard with real personal data. Generating emotion to make people think! End part 1: Your Privacy Has Been Invaded!
  13. 13. Make the visitors think. Room for reflective thinking. “Self-personalizing” the experience  End part 2: Participation
  14. 14. How to experiment with privacy infringement? Displaying private photos in an unexpected context. Getting to know how people react and feel. Prototyping Feelings
  15. 15. Building a mini exhibition in one office room. Simulating the visitor’s journey with prototypes and mock-ups. Understanding the feelings and getting the software work seamlessly. Prototyping the Journey
  16. 16. All coming together …like magic 
  17. 17. What is #snapshot ? 18 installations altogether 4 artists’ works 5 interactive installations Blog posts Instagram feed 2 Twitter feeds Spin-off exhibitions Workshops Guided tours Private events Lecture series Guest Speakers An edited book Instagram walks Family events Children’s workshops
  18. 18. Is it a success? All local newspapers YLE TV News YLE Fem YLE English Newspaper columns Blog posts Mentions, likes… 9000 selfies 4500 memes in Twitter HS Kulttuuri x3 HS Nyt Suomen Kuvalehtii 13 000 visitors YLE Radio 1 YLE Puhe YLE X3M
  19. 19. Lessons Learned RE-THINKING THE PURPOSE OF DESIGN METHODS In a very complex domain, the design has to be opened up. Design methods as binding glue, not only a solution to a problem. DESIGN WAY OF TALKING IS BUILDING Build it so people really understand it! CONTENT BEFORE ANYTHING! Lot of new things were done, but no compromises on content!
  20. 20. Thank you! P.S. The exhibition is in Helsinki till January 18th.