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  2. Table of Contents What is Sculpture? 3 Types of Sculpture 4 Sculpting Methods 22 Materials in Sculpting 25
  3. Sculpture is a type of art in which three- dimensional things are created out of hard or plastic materials. The designs could take the form of free-standing objects, reliefs on surfaces, or situations like tableaux or ones that enclose the viewer. What is Sculpture?
  4. Classical sculpture can be divided into four primary categories based on the materials an artist uses. The four conventional sculpture-making materials were; Stone Carving Bronze Casting Wood Carving Clay Firing Types of Sculpture
  5. Stone Carving is a process whereby shards of unpolished natural stone are carefully removed and sculpted. Stonework that was produced throughout our prehistory or earlier has persisted because of the material's durability.
  6. The following pictures are some of the most well-known stone sculptures in the Philippines.
  7. is the method of creating positive bronze sculptures or objects by pouring molten bronze into a hollow mold. Bronze sculptures, instruments, medals, utensils, plaques, and other items are created using bronze casting techniques such lost wax, ceramic shell, and sand casting. Bronze Casting
  8. The following pictures are some of the most well-known bronze sculptures in the Philippines.
  9. Wood Carving is a type of woodworking that involves using one hand to use a cutting tool, two hands to hold a chisel, or one hand to hold a chisel and the other to hold a mallet to create a wooden figure, figurine, or sculptural adornment for a wooden object.
  10. The following pictures are some of the most well-known wood sculptures in the Philippines.
  11. comprises heating up clay and polish to a high temperature. The piece will ultimately be burned once the clay and polish are fully developed. Clay Firing
  12. The following pictures are some of the most well-known clay sculptures in the Philippines.
  13. Sculpting Methods Carving, assembling, modeling, and casting are the four basic methods used in sculpture.
  14. Using tools to sculpt anything out of a material by scraping away pieces of that material is known as carving. Any material that is both sturdy enough to support a form even after pieces have been removed from it and soft enough to allow for the scraping away of portions with accessible tools can be used for this technique. Carving: Assembling: An overview By putting together pieces of previous, abandoned objects in a fresh way, assembly is the construction of something new. To put together a sculpture, sculptors collect and connect various materials. The act of assembling is additive of surrealism, how to recognize surrealist art, and how it's different from other art styles.
  15. Modeled sculptures are made by building up and shaping a soft, flexible substance (often clay) into a shape, sometimes over an armature. The process of modeling is additive. Modelling: Cast sculptures are created by melting down a material, typically a metal, and pouring it into a mold. The metal, typically bronze, is hardened by allowing the mold to cool. Casting is a procedure that adds. Casting:
  16. Materials in Sculpture Bronze Plaster Marble Stone Alabaster Weathering steel
  17. Pulp Terracotta Ivory Ceramic
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