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Datum Design & Artwork Brochure

A collection of recent projects produced at Datum

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Datum Design & Artwork Brochure

  1. 1. Artwork & Desi A collection of recent projects ng
  2. 2. 3 Our in-house designers excel at producing engaging creative designs from initial concepts all the way through to final artwork and delivery. Do you have a campaign that is crying out for some creativity? We’d love to get our hands on it! Or maybe you have some great visual ideas but you just need help putting it all together? We’d love that too. We create design and artwork for all formats, to your guidelines and can manage even the most complex specifications. Plus, as you already know, we can handle the whole project... right through to the print itself. Full hands-on control = perfect results! Design and artwork
  3. 3. 54 Founded in 1934, the Airport Operators Association (AOA) is the national voice of UK airports. We were tasked with re-developing their look and feel of their awards evening with a new brochure and supported materials. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Concept, Retouching, Print
  4. 4. 76 ADVERTS & POINT OF SALE Regular adverts and point of sale designed for print and digital publications Bollinger is a Champagne house, a producer of sparkling wines from the Champagne region of France. In 2016, Bollinger commissioned Sherree Valentine to paint a series of paintings for an ongoing Bollinger campaign. Each of the paintings were scanned and retouched to carefully replicate the original for both print and digital platforms. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Scanning, Retouching, Print
  5. 5. 98 A series of artworks created using brand assets and stock photography. Each image was retouched to change the lighting and shading to sit on a dark generic background. The campaign is used across Point of Sale along with digital and print advertising. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Retouching, Print
  6. 6. 1110 Being the Official Champagne of English Rugby means much to Bollinger who required an eye-catching, yet sophisticated approach to the creative. Contra vision allowed 2-way vision on the windows and a stylish mobile refrigerated bike. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Print, Installation
  7. 7. 1312 PHOTOGRAPHY Photography and retouching produced in-house by Datum Croft Pink is a brand of Croft Port, one of the most distinguished Port houses who were founded in 1588. We were commissioned to create a fresh minimalistic campaign including photography and design for their new range of Ports. SERVICES USED Concept, Design, Artwork, Photography, Retouching
  8. 8. 1514 CUSTOM COVER DESIGNS Each cover illustrated to highlight an article within this quarterly magazine Hudsons are a property agent based in Fitzrovia, they were founded in 2002 and their mission to this day is to deliver a personal first class experience that exceeds expectations. Datum are proud to work with Hudsons to improve the delivery of their property information producing a range of designed marketing materials. PROPOSAL Using assets held, proposals are produced at short notice SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Illustration, Print
  9. 9. 1716 Working with Hudsons and using their CRM system, we developed a range of cards that are automatically personalised and mailed throughout the year for important anniversaries. SERVICES USED Design, Illustration, Artwork, Print
  10. 10. 1918 A range of direct mail pieces created specifically for the agent throughout the year. ADVERTS Regular adverts designed for print and digital publications SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Print
  11. 11. 2120 IT Luggage produces quality luggage and supplies to more than 46 countries across the globe. We were invited by IT Luggage to create a box mailer for 100 of their clients to ‘The Travel Goods Show’ in Las Vegas. The boxes were personalised for each client, included a lanyard, USB stick and casino chip seated into a foam inlay. SERVICES USED Concept, Design, Artwork, Print
  12. 12. 2322 Johns & Co specialises in new homes and luxury real estate throughout London. We create a number of artworks for the chain, which include building graphics, signage design and property advertising. SERVICES USED Artwork
  13. 13. 2524 DIRECT MAIL Regular direct mail campaigns promoting new properties and investments With an ever changing property portfolio, we are enlisted in creating new and exciting materials to promote their properties. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Print
  14. 14. 2726 CONCEPT A series of fun characters created and developed Jollyes has grown into one of the largest chains of pet food superstores with 61 Jollyes and Jollyes Petzone stores across the United Kingdom. We created and developed a sets of fun characters to be used across their advertising campaigns throughout their stores and online. SERVICES USED Concept, Design, Artwork, Illustration, Print
  15. 15. 2928 Lawtons Solicitors are specialist criminal solicitors with eight locations throughout Hertfordshire and Essex. We design led a range of products including, stationery, direct mail and signage. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Print
  16. 16. 3130 BRAND GUIDELINES & MEDIA PACK As part of the brand concept, we created the look and feel Love was created as holding company for the Good Vibe, a web based inspirational content brand. We were commissioned to create a look and feel for this exciting new project. SERVICES USED Concept, Design, Artwork, Illustration, Retouching
  17. 17. 3332 CLOTHING Concepts for clothing created in Photoshop The brand included a clothing range that required designing, which would be sold online. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Concept, Illustration, Retouching
  18. 18. 3534 Further to the clothing concepts, an online shop was designed and developed for the range. SERVICES USED Concept, Design, Artwork, Illustration, Retouching
  19. 19. 3736 BROCHURE We produce a 40pp brochure yearly which is available in both print and online formats Martin Matthew & Co was founded over 40 years ago and are an importer of tinned food, supplying national grocers both home and abroad. We design artwork for all of their communications including product brochures, trade shows, stationery and internal head office graphics. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Prepress, Print
  20. 20. 3938 Formed in 1983, Microdec quickly became the top software supplier for many leading recruitment companies around the world, with offices in the United Kingdom & Australia. From concept to design we produced and installed their exhibition stand that has been used for shows across the UK. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Concept, 3D Print, Installation
  21. 21. 4140 Nyetimber has been established over 20 years and make the finest English sparkling wine, one to rival the very best in the world, including Champagne. Using a host of Datum’s expertise together with Nyetimber we designed a range of marketing materials. CONCEPT Menu dispenser concept SERVICES USED Artwork, Concept, Retouching, Print
  22. 22. 4342 With an aim to promote the brand outside the UK, Datum collaborated with Nyetimber for their menus and promotional items. As well as creating artwork, we came up with the concepts for wooden dispensers and menu holders as well as producing the print items on Synaps water resistant stock for longevity. INVITATIONS A series of invitations designed for wine tasting events across the Balearic islands SERVICES USED Artwork, Concept, Retouching, Print
  23. 23. 4544 Pikes are an estate agent based locally in Hatfield. We undertook their re-branding which included shop fascia, office stationery and property boards. SERVICES USED Concept, Design, Artwork, Illustration, Print
  24. 24. 4746 Robert May supply point of sale display items and shop fittings to the retail industry. We manage and create the entire production of the catalogue including design, artwork and photography, as well as print production and creation of online version. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Photography, Retouching, Print
  25. 25. 4948 BROCHURE Brochure created to showcase Ronacrete’s product range. Ronacrete are a manufacturer of resins and concretes and have been supplying the industry for 45 years. Looking to refresh the brand, Datum created a wide range of materials including brochures, merchandise, technical leaflets, exhibition stands, signage and website. SERVICES USED Concept, Design, Artwork, Illustration, Photography, Retouching, Print
  26. 26. 5150 As a part of the marketing support for Ronacrete, we designed, developed and built their website. SERVICES USED Design, Illustration, Photography, Web Development
  27. 27. 5352 BROCHURE Designed and illustrated within brand guidelines The Royal Bank of Canada are the largest bank in Canada and has 80,000 employees worldwide. We offer extended studio services directly to RBC for both the London and Toronto offices. This includes on brand and off brand materials. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Illustration, Print
  28. 28. 5554 The Old Vic is a theatre located just south-east of Waterloo station in London. Established in 1818 and renamed Royal Victoria Theatre in 1833. The Royal Bank of Canada are principle partner of the Old Vic Theatre of which we produce artwork. This includes posters and pull up banners for their up and coming shows and events at The Old Vic. SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Print
  29. 29. 5756 ADVERTISING Range of supported advertising SportsAid is a UK charity that helps the next generation of British sport stars at the start of their careers. Royal Bank of Canada are working in partnership with SportsAid to sponsor 50 UK Athletes both able bodies and disabled across 31 sports. We were given the brief of creating some off-brand marketing items for the Sports Aid campaign for RBC, this included brochures, ticketing and large format graphics. BROCHURE Athletes achievement brochure SERVICES USED Design, Artwork, Print RAFFLE TICKETS Sequentially numbered tickets
  30. 30. 5958 ADVERTS We create adverts to suit a variety of platforms and publications Swatch Group is a Swiss manufacturer of watches and one of the largest watchmakers in the world. We work on a ongoing basis with Swatch UK creating artwork for various publications. SERVICES USED Artwork, Prepress, Digital Advert Creation
  31. 31. 6160 We produce many artworks for Swatch Point of Sale advertising, this includes in-store posters, window displays and light box backlits as well as advertising including London Underground, Billboards, PR Events and online Digital adverts. SERVICES USED Artwork, Prepress, Digital advert creation, Print
  32. 32. 6362 Timberwood Systems were a start-up company in the UK, a sister company of a well-established French group supplying agricultural buildings. Datum were sucessful in tendering the project which required Brand work and a website that could utliise an existing French CMS system. SERVICES USED Brand Concept, Design, Artwork, Illustration, Retouching, Web, Print
  33. 33. 6564 Tissot are a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1853 and part of the Swatch Group. We create their artwork using brand assets for both digital and print publications liaising with the publishers for specifications. Artwork is also created for PR events, product launches and sports events such as Moto GP. SERVICES USED Artwork, Prepress, Digital Advert Creation, Print
  34. 34. 6766 LOCAL MARKETING Artwork created for local marketing campaigns Well established as one of the UK’s leading quality supermarkets and part of the John Lewis Group, Waitrose is the 6th Largest grocery retailer in the UK. As a trusted supplier Datum produce a variety of in-store advertising created from stock photography and brand guidelines for their local marketing. SERVICES USED Artwork, Print
  35. 35. 6968
  36. 36. 70 Printed by Datum. Download your digital edition at datumcp.com/aw