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Publishing by Curation is Rewarding

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A presentation by Marc Rougier, Co-founder and President of content curation publishing platform, Scoop.it, that goes over rewards and ROI of curation. First presented at SFNewTech in San Francisco. To curate for yourself or business, go to http://www.scoop.it and experience the benefits of consistent and clever publishing.

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Publishing by Curation is Rewarding

  1. 1. Publishing by Curation is Rewarding
  2. 2. We All Care About Content Ptolemy   Arabella  
  3. 3. Content: X1 Zillion Then   Now   Not   enough   Sooo   much   Can We Have Too Much Of It?
  4. 4. No… But We Need to Organize It
  5. 5. Rohit Bhargava Influencial Marketing Group “Someone who finds, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue” “A Web Super Hero” Steve Rosenbaum Curation Nation That’s What Content Curators Do
  6. 6. Brian Solis Altimeter Group “Content is king” Bill Gates Microsoft Corp. “Brands must become media to earn relevance” Good Content is Strategic …
  7. 7. … But Hard to Produce
  8. 8. (Seriously : Can You Afford This?)
  9. 9. Content is King Curation is ROI That’s Why Curation is Rewarding
  10. 10. Publishing by Curation For Pros and Businesses
  11. 11. 3  Share 2  Enrich 1  Discover Clever Publishing
  12. 12. Some Scoop.it Use Cases
  13. 13. Engage With Your Audience
  14. 14. Publish Everywhere
  15. 15. iPad
  16. 16. PRESENTATION BY:! Marc Rougier, President, Scoop.it | www.scoop.it | marc@scoop.it | @MarcFuseki! WATCH Scoop.it for the iPad: