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Energy Performance

An energy management solution for every level of your enterprise

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Energy Performance

  1. 1. Energy Performance An energy management solution for every level of your enterprise
  2. 2. Schneider Electric 2- Division - Name – Date Challenges
  3. 3. Schneider Electric 3- Division - Name – Date An energy management system designed for industrial operations Enable multi-site benchmarking and help you gain knowledge/expertise on energy management Reduce energy consumption per unit of production and understand the process conditions and operating practices causing energy events See how energy impacts your operation Schneider Electric Energy Performance
  4. 4. Schneider Electric 4- Division - Name – Date Open connectivity integrates seamlessly with existing systems Architectures easily scale from single site to enterprise wide You choose only the functionalities that your company needs Size your system to match your number, size and plant types Configures to the lifecycle of new and existing plants Wide range of services to ensure you get optimal value Give your enterprise the flexibility it deserves Schneider Electric Energy Performance Solution
  5. 5. Schneider Electric 5- Division - Name – Date Support the needs of users throughout your organization
  6. 6. Schneider Electric 6- Division - Name – Date Go from a single site to an enterprise level Or, go from enterprise level to a single site Gain energy awareness, optimize and continually improve energy use and reduce waste Determine the levels of energy management and services you need to meet your requirements Scalable system makes it possible to: Schneider Electric Energy Performance Solution
  7. 7. Schneider Electric 7- Division - Name – Date Acquire the energy performance information you need to set benchmarks and goals across your entire enterprise To easily compare plants to each other when it comes to key targets Obtain actionable intelligence so you can make decisions that improve energy intensity and reduce waste Attain true scalability, so you can have multiple individual sites reporting into a multi-site system At the enterprise level, our solution helps you: Schneider Electric Energy Performance Solution
  8. 8. Schneider Electric 8- Division - Name – Date Treat energy as an input to production, so you can understand differences by product type and line Drill into detailed historical or real-time data to identify opportunities to reduce energy waste Visualize the variability of root-based over-consumption by shift, crew and plant At the site level, our solution helps you: Schneider Electric Energy Performance Solution
  9. 9. Schneider Electric 9- Division - Name – Date Scales with your energy management and investment needs
  10. 10. Schneider Electric 10- Division - Name – Date Designed for compatibility so your facility is optimised and more efficient Software designed to provide energy information, whenever and wherever you need. System architectures designed for your business, to provide consistent, reliable, and verifiable results. World-class hardware from a company known for its wide, deep range of quality products Services to leverage and protect your investment Integrated for optimised and efficient solutions Schneider Electric Energy Performance Solution
  11. 11. Schneider Electric 11- Division - Name – Date Rugged, high-precision instrumentation for industrial applications
  12. 12. Schneider Electric 12- Division - Name – Date StruxureWare software Energy and production data
  13. 13. Schneider Electric 13- Division - Name – Date Built on tested, validated, and documented architectures, with world-class hardware, StruxureWare software, and services All possible configurations tested, with results approved by independent or in-house laboratories Validated on platforms that reproduce real-life environments over the entire solution life cycle Powered by EcoStruxure: the active energy management architecture from power plant to plug Capitalize on demonstrated expertise Schneider Electric Energy Performance Solution
  14. 14. Schneider Electric 14- Division - Name – Date How do I control? What is my strategy? What is my strategy? Develop a comprehensive plan to fit your business objectives. How do I control? Make energy awareness a core element of your process control. How am I performing? How am I performing? Identify your performance as you progress toward your energy efficiency and sustainability goals. How do I buy? How do I buy? Negotiate the best terms with every supplier and minimize risk. How do I optimize? How do I optimize? Maximize production/energy unit to enhance competitive advantage and improve sustainability. Energy management life cycle Energy Performance Services We support you in all stages of your energy management life cycle with our Energy Performance Services
  15. 15. Schneider Electric 15- Division - Name – Date Unrivaled global project and service management capacity Services are integral to the Energy Performance solution Services include installed equipment pre-audits, and the design, installation, commissioning, & upgrade of your system Training & technical support also provided Additional energy management services are available to further optimize your energy efficiency Comprehensive global execution capabilities Schneider Electric Energy Performance Solution
  16. 16. Schneider Electric 16- Division - Name – Date Information tailored to your needs
  17. 17. Schneider Electric 17- Division - Name – Date Enterprise energy consumption Return to main slide…
  18. 18. Schneider Electric 18- Division - Name – Date Plant view dashboard Return to main slide…
  19. 19. Schneider Electric 19- Division - Name – Date Benchmarking & targeting screen Return to main slide…
  20. 20. Schneider Electric 20- Division - Name – Date Plant manager screen Return to main slide…
  21. 21. Schneider Electric 21- Division - Name – Date Operations manager screen Return to main slide…
  22. 22. Schneider Electric 22- Division - Name – Date Dairy & liquid food producers Cement manufacturers Water/wastewater operators Meets the specific needs of industrial customers Schneider Electric Energy Performance Solution with specialized editions…
  23. 23. Make the most of your energySM

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An energy management solution for every level of your enterprise


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