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How Technology Is Changing the Face of Tourism
Ride sharing and selfie sticks are so last year when it comes to technologi...
Drone Cameras – Instead of having to stop and take pictures, your personal drone
camera will follow along behind you snapp...
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How Technology is Changing the Face of Tourism

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http://www.scenic.com | Technology makes our lives easier and provides us with the latest innovations, whether we are at home, taking a vacation, or traveling for business. Over the course of the next five years, the face of tourism is going to be redefined.

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How Technology is Changing the Face of Tourism

  1. 1. How Technology Is Changing the Face of Tourism Ride sharing and selfie sticks are so last year when it comes to technological advancements in the tourism industry. From airlines to hotels, the hospitality and travel industries are taking advantage of the latest advances to make traveling easier and much more enjoyable for guests. While some of the technology is already here, other innovations will start changing and redefining how people travel over the next few years. Preview Travel Destinations in Full 3D at Home – Due to advancements in virtual reality and devices like Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, people are going to be able to immerse themselves in customizable travel destinations before they book their visits. Less Luggage to Pack – Thanks to fashion design student Danit Peleg, who created the world’s first complete 3D printed clothing collection using 3D printers designed for home users, travelers in the future will have the option to leave their clothes at home and print what they need once they arrive at their destination at their hotel or nearby tourist center. At the end of your vacation, the 3D printed clothes can be recycled and converted back into printable materials. Gaming Hotels – For gamers who have a hard time traveling and leaving their video games and comic books, hotels are going to boast the latest gaming consoles, libraries of comic books, apps, and more, designed specifically for this group of travelers. In fact, the world’s first gamer hotel has already opened, and is located in Amsterdam and aptly named, “The Arcade Hotel.” Smartphones Will Get Smarter – Your smartphone will be able to store your traveling preferences and automatically share them with airlines, hotels, and other such hospitality operations. For instance, if you prefer an aisle seat, but were assigned one by a window, your phone will communicate with the airline’s computer system to automatically get you a seat reassignment on the aisle. Smart Appliances – Whether in your home or your hotel room, smart appliances will be able to respond to voice commands and be connected to the Internet. This technology is referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and makes it possible to see what is in the refrigerator without opening it, order room service or take-out, see public transportation schedules, book your next vacation, and more. Automated Helicopters – Want to get across town quickly or take Grand Canyon air tours? Then hop into a single passenger automated helicopter. This completely computerized drone will fly you to your destination by you simply entering in or telling the computer where you want to go. In case of an emergency, hit the appropriate button, and the drone responds accordingly and notifies the appropriate human support.
  2. 2. Drone Cameras – Instead of having to stop and take pictures, your personal drone camera will follow along behind you snapping shots and taking videos in stunning high definition, like capturing every moment of your white water rafting Grand Canyon tour. Left your drone at home? Hotels and other places will be more than happy to rent one to you while you are on vacation. This technology is already here, and is going to become more widespread as newer and more affordable devices are released in the coming years. These technological advances are just a few of what people will experience when traveling in the not-so-distance future, with many more on their way, like hotels staffed almost completely by humanoid-looking robots.