marketing process trade barriers marketing mix marketing strategy marketing research public relations sales promotion face-to-face selling personal selling advertisement advertising exchage rate promotion mix stapel measurement measure scales testing business analysis idea screening idea generating product life cycle new product development questionnaire branding lebeling packaging product quality product mix width product mix lenght product mix depth product mix product line observation projective techniques projecti surveys in depth interview quantitative data qualitative research focus group trasnfer pricing multinational companies transnational corporations mnc tnc augmented product actual product core value levels of products goods-services continuum specialty goods shopping goods industrial goods consumer goods convinience goods services common market economic union customs union pta fta mercosur europe trade blocs opec nafta positioning map micromarketng concentrated marketing differentiated marketing undifferentiated marketing positioning targeting segmentation customer relationship management customer relatio relationship groups true friends barnscales strangers butterflies market share customer share customer equity customer customer loyalty wto critiism general agreement on tariffs and trade gatt world trade organization rtaa smoot-hawley agreement the great depression trade liberalization causal research descriptive research exploratory research marketing research process research design non tariff restrictions voluntary export restraint ver quota tariff protectionism international economics international trade stp strategy value proposition marketing customers customer needs and wants needs and wants defining an opportunity defining a problem research with internal data research with external data sexual revolution sexism misogyny objectification women in advertising catalog marketing kiosk marketing direct-response tv marketing telemarketing direct marketing public in marketing differences between publicity and pr public relations tools publicity tools publicity disadvantages of sales promotion advantages of sales promotion meaning of sales promotion types of sales promotion objectives of sales promotion direct sales sales force street furniture advertising outdoor advertising electronic media printed media advertising media outdoor advertising tools representative advertising tools business advertising tools direct advertising tools advertising tools colors in advertising humor in advertising principles of advertising appeals steps of promotion planning budget pull strategy push strategy planning a promotion promotional mix promotion green marketing myths greenwashing green marketing subliminal perception marketing myopia social marketing concepts of marketing
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