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What is a Makerspace?

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Maker Education can help kids to enjoy learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We at Fun2Do Labs - Open Education Project have published this presentation so that teachers can help their students to learn basics of science using project based activities.

In this presentation we teach how you about the concept of a makerspace.

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What is a Makerspace?

  1. 1. Making Education OPEN and FUN! fun2dolabs.org What is a Makerspace ? Fun Do Labs TM 2
  2. 2. What is a Makerspace? It is a place where people design, experiment, tinker and build prototypes and projects? Fun Do Labs2
  3. 3. Why Makerspace ?? Science & Maths CreativityCollaborationSelf Learning Fun Do Labs2
  4. 4. Benefits of Makerspace + + + Skill ImprovementReal World Experience Improves Learning Experience Innovation Fun Do Labs2
  5. 5. Safety Procedure Age More Than 5 Years 5+ First Aid Box Fun Do Labs2
  6. 6. What you find in Makerspace - 1 ToolsSoldering Craft Fun Do Labs2
  7. 7. What you find in Makerspace - 2 Arduino 3D PrinterElectronics Parts Fun Do Labs2
  8. 8. Soldering is a process in which two or more items (usually metal) are joined together by melting and putting a filler metal in the joint Soldering Fun Do Labs2
  9. 9. Craft Craft is a type of art that typically refers to the decoration, painting and assembly of handmade items Fun Do Labs2
  10. 10. Tools Tools help us to easily perform tasks that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to do Fun Do Labs2
  11. 11. Electronic Parts Electronic parts and components are helpful to create and manage the circuits Fun Do Labs2
  12. 12. Arduino Arduino is an open source electronics platform to develop electronic prototypes & products Fun Do Labs2
  13. 13. 3D Printer 3D printer is used to create a 3-dimensional object from a digital design Fun Do Labs2
  14. 14. 3D Printer IDE (Ultimaker Cura) Ultimaker Cura creates a seamless integration between your 3D printer, software and materials to achieve the perfect print Fun Do Labs2
  15. 15. Servo Servo is a motor, where shaft of the servo can be positioned to specific angular positions by sending commands Fun Do Labs2
  16. 16. Motors Motor is used for rotating objects and other applications Fun Do Labs2
  17. 17. Battery A battery is a hardware component that supplies power to a device and enables that device to work without a power cord Fun Do Labs2
  18. 18. Solar Cell Solar cell is a device which directly convert’s sunlight into electricity Fun Do Labs2
  19. 19. Breadboard Breadboard is used for testing circuits quickly before finalizing the circuit design. In breadboard we don't need to solder the wires. Fun Do Labs2
  20. 20. Fan is used to create air flow Fan Fun Do Labs2
  21. 21. A Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that produces light from electricity LED Fun Do Labs2
  22. 22. Switch is used for making and breaking flow of current in circuits Switch Fun Do Labs2
  23. 23. Makey Makey is an electronic invention tool and toy that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs Makey Makey Fun Do Labs2
  24. 24. Mobile Controlled Toy Car It is a toy car which can be controlled by mobile phone Fun Do Labs2
  25. 25. Box Car Box is a plastic body car which uses the battery and motors Fun Do Labs2
  26. 26. Toy Car Toy car is a metal body car which uses the battery and motors Fun Do Labs2
  27. 27. Scratch Scratch was created by MIT and designed to teach programming to kids so that they could create their own games, videos and animated stories Fun Do Labs2
  28. 28. saurabh@fun2dolabs.org @skjsaurabh | @fun2dolabs Fun Do Labs TM 2 fun2dolabs.org