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Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

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JKCP offers over 20 summer programs for ages 7-18 at the University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University and Haverford College. Students enjoy programs in business, cooking, pre-college academics, arts and more.

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Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

  1. 1. You’ve Got Choices • There are over 12,000 summer camps in the USA • We know you want what is best for your child • Discover the program that is right for you
  2. 2. Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs • It all started with tennis • In 1977, Julian began to teach a few tennis students • Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs emerged; adding golf, enrichment, pre-college and is still growing
  3. 3. Who We Are • Excellent experiences for over 35 years • A summer experience that focuses on your child – Programs meet a variety of interests and goals – Attention to detail – We deliver on our promises • We’re obsessed with sending your child home smarter, happier and more enthusiastic about learning
  4. 4. When You Speak, We Listen • We’re a nimble, evolving organization • Over 20 different programs • Many programs were requested or created by our students • Responsive to the needs and desires of today’s ever- changing teens
  5. 5. “My daughter had the time of her life! She made new friends, loved living on a college campus and enjoyed the activities, trips and increased freedom. She came home happy, enthusiastic and most importantly more mature and self-confident. She can’t wait to go back!” – Laurie Hirsch Winter, Parent
  6. 6. “You learn about other people from across the world but, most importantly, you learn about yourself.” – Maria P., Student
  7. 7. Your Home For the Summer • Dorm life • Air-conditioned rooms • Buffet style campus dining center • Access to state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, athletic facilities • Jump-start your college visits with an extended on-campus experience
  8. 8. University of Pennsylvania
  9. 9. Haverford College
  10. 10. Villanova University
  11. 11. Experience Philadelphia • Hip Shops in Rittenhouse Square • National Constitution Center • Philly’s Famous Food • Outdoor Events & Festivals
  12. 12. Who Comes to JKCP? • Students from over 35 states and 40 countries • 10-18 years olds • Talents, Skills & Goals – Some come to discover – Others come to grow – Most leave having done both
  13. 13. Ages: 10-13 • Xploration – Over 40 class choices • Tennis • Golf • Live on campus at Haverford College
  14. 14. Ages: 14-18 • Villanova University – Enrichment – Over 40 class choices – Tennis – Golf – Business School – Cooking School – Coding Academy – College Credit
  15. 15. Ages: 14-18 • University of Pennsylvania – Internships – International Affairs: Leadership & Model UN – Architecture: Summer at Penn – Art: Summer at Penn – Penn Medicine – Wharton Sports Business Academy – Wharton Moneyball Academy – Leadership in the Business World – Management & Technology Summer Institute
  16. 16. Evening Activities & Weekend Trips
  17. 17. Why We Are Different • Your child will be with international and U.S. staff and students •Professionals in their field teach on weekdays •Residential counselors look after students on evenings and weekends
  18. 18. “My son thought [the staff] were positively top notch, he adored them. They were all extremely helpful, supportive and great role models. We also have the impression that they enjoy their jobs which is wonderfully reassuring to a parent entrusting a child in their care.” – Wendy Martin, Parent
  19. 19. A World Without Strangers • Be part of the community of students and alumni • Ties that last a lifetime • Worldwide network • Lifelong friendships • Internships and career opportunities
  20. 20. • Your child will be safe – Over and above our safety procedures each campus has an elaborate security protocol established. • You and your child can reach one another – Students can bring a cell phone and we encourage using social media. • Visit any time – Just call in advance to arrange your visit. We would love to show you around. • And if your child doesn’t like it… – We think they will love it. But, if it’s really not right for them, we have so many options. It’s easy to switch courses. Many students often extend their stay. Put Your Mind at Rest
  21. 21. No Need To Worry • What if you need to cancel? – Cancellation Insurance •Why take it? Why not? •No questions asked (Family emergencies, injury or illness), you can cancel for any reason
  22. 22. Make 2016 Your Child’s Best Summer Ever! Apply Today at jkcp.com