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Protaper Next File/ Dr.Sarah Alkhateeb

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The Niti rotary files have become the standard for the prepration of the root canal system because of their superelasticity they cause less canal transportation however shaping ability and resistance to cyclic fatigue fracture are of the special significance when evaluating the performance of Niti files .The shaping ability of Niti files depend on several factors such as taper,geometrical cross section,movement file system and alloy microstructure
Protaper Next File the newest to the protaper system which is the efficient solution for endo practitioner who seeking a versatile flexible system that will handle the vast majority of root canal treatment

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Protaper Next File/ Dr.Sarah Alkhateeb

  1. 1. Protaper Next file Done by:- Dr. Sarah Al-Khateeb
  2. 2. Contents  Protaper Universal  Protaper Next  PTN in Obturation  PTN in Retreatment
  3. 3. Root canal shaping is considered an essential step in endodontic treatment .According to Schilder the preferred shape of the canal after mechanical shaping is a tapering funnel following the original shape and curvature of the canal
  4. 4. Protaper Universal A unique feature of the protaper files in each instrument has changing percentage tapers over the length of its cutting blades . This progressively tapered design serves to significantly improve flexibility , cutting efficiency and safety
  5. 5. Another feature of the protaper instruments relates to their convex , triangular cross section which enhance the cutting action while decreasing the rotational friction between the blade of the file and dentin
  6. 6. Also protaper files have a changing helical angle and pitch over their cutting blades which reduces the potential of an instrument from screwing into the canal
  7. 7. Protaper next files Is the newest innovation to the PROTAPER system , which has been the gold standard in endodontics for many years It is an efficient solution for endo practitioners seeking a versatile , flexible system that will handle the vast majority of root canal treatments
  8. 8. Like Protaper Universal , Protaper next rotary files feature variable taper performance but adds an off-centered, rectangular cross section for increased file strength
  9. 9. Unlike Protaper Universal concentric core that creates symmetric rotary motion ,Protaper Next features a patented off center , rectangular core that adds greater strength as the file tracks down the canal
  10. 10. The Protaper next generation consists of :-  M-Wire:- The M-Wire NiTi material improves file flexibility , increased safety and protection against instrument fracture allowing the clinician to treat more complex root canal systems with a high level of success
  11. 11.  Swaggering Effect :- This swaggering effect serves to minimize the engagement between the file and dentin compared to the action of a fixed tapered file with a centered mass of rotation
  12. 12. There are five files in the system
  13. 13. PTN in Obturation The new patented design for Protaper Next requires fewer instruments to complete a case . The X1 rotary file replaces the S1 and S2 Shaping files from the Protaper Universal System . Using the Protaper Next system , all canals should be finished with at least an X2 rotary file ; therefore there is no need for X1 sizes in obturation.
  14. 14. The Protaper Next brand includes obturators , guta-percha and absorbent points , however there is no Protaper Next oven . The standard Dentsply Mailefer Thermaprep oven is the oven of choice with Guttacore for Protaper Next obturators
  15. 15. Dentsply Sirona offer two reciprocating motors that work beautifully with protaper next rotary file  The promark endodontic motor
  16. 16.  X-Smart
  17. 17. PTN in Retreatment PTN group left significantly less remnant of gutta percha than manual group .The new offset design of the PTN and the more effective removal of debris or gutta percha from the root canal due to the M wire alloy might be the reason for this result
  18. 18. The retreatment procedure was carried out with the X3 (#30.07) and X2 (#25.06) of the PTN rotary instrument system according to the crown down technique . For gutta percha removal ,PTN X3 was used in coronal third and X2 in file in apical third with torque controlled endodontic motor operated at speed 300rpm and a torque of 200 g
  19. 19. Conclusion Ergonomics Reduced risk of file breakage Optimal cutting efficiency No risk for cross contamination
  20. 20. Thank you
  21. 21. If you have any Question contact me on:- Dr. Sarah Alkhateeb Dr.Sarah Alkhateeb Dr.Sarahalkhatib Dr.Sarah Alkhateeb sarahalkateeb94@gmail.com