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Innovative teaching manual of surumi

Teaching Manual

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Innovative teaching manual of surumi

  1. 1. INNOVATIVE TEACHING MANUAL Presented by SURUMI.P.S Natural Science Reg. No: 13367026
  2. 2. Name of the teacher SURUMI.P.S Std of Stage IX C Name of the School M.V.H.S.S Strength 30 Name of the Subject Poh-imkv{Xw Duration 45 min Name of the Unit Blm-c-¯nsâ cmk-am-ä-§Ä Date 22/07/2014 Name of the Topic IcÄ CURRICULAR STATEMENT : To develop different dimensions of knowledge about liver through group discussion, explanation, brain storming, evaluation by questioning and practicing in group discussion, reporting and presentation. LEARNING OUTCOMES Enable the pupils to develop 1. Factual knowledge regarding the liver through.  Recalling the new terms like liver, gall blader, Bile juice etc, mentioned in content analysis.  Recognizing the different component of liver.
  3. 3. 2. Conceptual knowledge about the liver and its function.  Recalling the secretion of liver  Recognizing the functions of liver. 3. Procedural knowledge about the role of liver and its components  Implementing model of liver. 4. Meta cognitive knowledge.  Making awareness for the importance of liver in human being. PROCESS SKILL Through the process skill such as observation, communication and predicting etc are developed among the students by teaching the topic. SCIENTIFIC ATTITUDE : Scientific attitude is developed among the students on the role of liver and its function
  4. 4. CONTENT ANALYSIS : New Terms : Facts :      Concepts : PRE REQUISITES
  6. 6. FOLLOW UP ACTIVITY _______________ _______________ ASSIGNMENT :