business law for cma foundation business law for cpt foundation business law for cs foundation business law for ca foundation business law bcom 1st year bba 1st year business law ppt by sandeep sharma commercial law ppt by sandeep sharma mercantile law rbse board english medium notes class 12 business studies rbse legal aspects of indian business business studies ppt by sandeep sharma indian contract act 1872 business law by sandeep sharma • business law • bcom law • bba law • the ica in business law sandeep sharma act 1872 the indian contract act chapter 16 of business law mercantile law • commercial law • rbse board english medium bids meaning unit 2 indian banking and financial system ppt on indian banking by sandeep sharma ppt by sandeep sharma indian banking system ppt banking system in india chapter 20 conditions and warranties chapter 18 agency agency by ratification what is not bailment section 148 to 171 bailment meaning & definition cost of suit or cost of decree cases of supervening doctrine of frustration performance of contract chapter 11 business law • section 10 in law bba law bcom law importance of sales promotion functions of sales promotion consumers sales promotion techniques traders sales promotion techniques b2b sales promotion techniques dealers sales promotion techniques point of purchase display meaning & examples push money meaning & examples trade show meaning & examples sales promotion meaning & definition objectives of sales promotion bst notes class 12 chapter 7 functions of marketing marketing meaning and definition bst notes class 12 chapter 6 importance of marketing management marketing importance to businessmen marketing importance to customer marketing importance to nation marketing importance to society 7 p's of service marketing 4 p's of marketing leadership meaning and definitions qualities of an effective leader traits of a successful leader business studies chapter 5 rbse board best notes on leadership cbse ncert rbse personal qualities of a leader characteristics of leadership willian ouchis z theory techniques of motivation maslow's need of hierarchy herzberg's hygiene factors & motivators x & y theory by mcgregor motivation meaning & definition chapter 4 business studies rbse board • principles & techniques of management • swot analysis in management • peter f drucker's contribution to management • mbo process cycle strategic management • management by exception • management by objectives • class 12 business studies rbse • chapter 3 business studies rbse board • • business studies ppt by sandeep sharma • chapter 3 business studies rbse board principles & techniques of management henry fayol's 14 principles of management henry fayol's 5 managerial activities henry fayol's 6 managerial qualities henry fayol's 6 activities of an enterprise interpersonal informational & decisional role levels of management mintzberg model of managerial role rbse business studies chapter 2 class 12 functions of management nature & scope management: introduction bst notes class 12 chapter 1 economincs class xii sandeep sharma economics notes economics ppt by sandeep sharma economics notes class 12th rbse chapter 1 class 12th economics introduction to economics rbse board rbse economics chapter 1 business law teacher exam wishes all the best best wishes types of partnership partnership at will particular partnership partnership for a fixed term types of partners dormant partner partner by estoppel or holding out time of registration of partnership firm registration of partnership firm procedure of registration of partnership firm meaning of partnership deed formation of partnership effects of non-registration content of partnership deed rules of auction sale process of auction sale meaning of auction sale banker as a creditor banker as a debtor banker as an agent banker as an advisor banker as a trustee termination of a bank account garnishee order type of special relation between banker & customer banker's rights type of general relation between banker & customer unit 2 of banking relationship between banker and customer difference between partnership and jsc partnership and joint stock company difference between partnership and jhf partnership and hindu undivided family difference between partnership and huf dissolution of partnership & firm partnership and joint hindy family hindu law who may become partner partnership structure indian partnership act 1932 essentials of partnership difference between partnership and llp payment gateway meaning net online web banking neft rtgs imps ecs upi mobile banking meaning innovative banking system e banking meaning digital wallet meaning district consumer forum rights of consumer definition of consumer the consumer protection act state and national commission difference between district state & central forums dispute redressal agencies state consumer protection council section 11 pardanashin women minor law indian contract act disqualified by law convicted law chapter 5 business law provisions to minors capacity to contract capacity of parties capacity rules by judiciary as to minors alien enemy suit for price suit for interest rights of unpaid seller right of stoppage in transit right of lien right against goods right against buyer chapter 21 unpaid seller doctrine of caveat emptor remedies for breach of condition exception to doctrine of caveat emptor remedies for breach of warranty breach of condition treated as beach of warranty caveat emptor unit 3 of business law types of warranty types of stipulation types of conditions meaning stipulation in contract of sale implied conditions and implied warranties difference between conditions and warranty meaning & definition of sale of goods the contract of sale of goods & hire-purchase chapter 19 sale of goods difference between sale and agreement to sell difference between sale and hire purchase modes of determination of price of goods types or classification of goods document of title of goods essentials of sale of goods meaning of goods in law pre university paper rights of an agent & a principal duties of an agent & a principal rules of valid ratification agency by implied agreement creation of agency rules of agency meaning & definition of agency essentials of agency agency by estoppel agency by holding out difference between pledge and bailment section 172 to 182 pledge by non owner duties of pledgee duties of pledger rights of pledgee rights of bailee rights of bailor termination of bailment duties of bailee duties of bailor special cases of bailment essential elements of bailment modes of delivery of goods in bailment classification or types of bailment chapter 15 of business law contract of indemnity section 124 & section 125 rights to recover costs rights to recover damages rights to recover sums paid essentials of contract of indemnity suit for specific performance suit for quantum meruit suit for injunction remedies for breach of contract chapter 13 cases & conditions of suit for quantum meruit nominal damages vindictive or exemplary damages special damages natural ordinary or direct loss rules as to payment of damages suit for damages rescission of the contract anticipatory breach of contract in law actual breach of contract in law discharge by breach of contract types or modes of breach of contract exceptions where supervening impossibility does no subsequent or supervening impossibility types or modes of discharge of contract meaning of discharge of contract when performance not required? tender of performance persons liable for performance modes of performance meaning of performance of contract essentials of valid tender effect of refusal of a party definition of performance of contract attempted performance section 60 section 61 section 59 meaning of appropriation of payments clayton's rule appropriation of payment wagering agreements • business law for ca foundati unlawful object business law for ca foundation types of reciprocal promises time and place of performance rules regarding performance of reciprocal promises person entitled to demand performance effect of release of any joint promisor performance of joint liabilities exceptions performance of joint liabilities devolution of joint liabilities time as essence reciprocal promises collateral event meaning section 36 in law section 35 in business law section 34 in business law section 33 in law section 32 section 31 definition meaning of contingent contract contingent contracts section 31 to 36 in law chapter 10 business law • champerty unlawful object legal object & consideration legality of object and consideration agreement opposed to public policy legal object section 23 in law when consideration or object is unlawful chapter 8 business law • agreements in restraint of legal proceedings agreements in restraint of trade • agreements in restraint of marriage • void agreements ppt • chapter 9 business law • business law by sandeep sharma chapter 4 business law communication of proposal and acceptance revocation of offer and acceptance communication of offer and accceptance gratuitous bailment time barred debt exceptions in consideration consideration unilateral vs bilateral executed vs executory contract void vs voidable contract implied contract express contract quasi contract classification of contract/agreement types of agreement types of contract essential elements chapter 1 the contract act introduction business law essentials of offer proposal vs offer section 2(a) law section 2 law examples on offer definition & meaning of offer & acceptance offer & aceeptance
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