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6 smart ways Samsung's 85-inch Interactive Display changes the classroom

  1. 6 smart ways Samsung’s 85-inch Interactive Display changes the classroom
  2. The 85-inch Samsung Interactive Display is designed for collaboration in any setting.
  3. Connect your way 1 Teachers can sync content from laptops via several connections: - - - - HDMI Display port Screen mirroring OPS drive with operating system or curriculum About Virus Viral replication About Virus Viral replication
  4. Double-digit touch 2 Group projects and hands-on instruction on the 85-inch canvas are enabled by a touch display that can support 20 users.
  5. More than just math 3 Samsung Interactive Display supports creative programs, such as photo editing and design, and various painting options.
  6. Read on Interactive digital signage puts the proper technology in the classroom Click here
  7. After-class communication 4 When class is over, teachers can store, print or email files, and even save to a USB or network drive.
  8. Safe and secure 5 Onboard and remote management tools ensure that the display and completed work are protected. Lock display Display ID Location Status Turn off all displays
  9. Cloud ready 6 The Interactive Display comes with a web browser that allows for multi-tasking to enhance teaching and learning. Users can search the web and share videos at the same time. Search
  10. Connect the classroom The 85-inch Interactive Display can command and connect the classroom, creating a positive learning environment.
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