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Comedy genre

  1. Comedy Genre By Sammy Ali
  2. What is Comedy? Comedy is a genre of film that uses humour as entertainment for the audience. The aim of a comedy film is to bring laughter from the audience through stories and characters featured in the film. Comedies have a tendency to become a hybrid-sub genre as humour can be incorporated into many other genres. Some films include; • Happy Gilmore- A rejected hockey player who takes up golf in order to save his grandmother’s house. • Groundhog Day- This film features a grumpy old man who finds himself living the same day repeatedly.
  3. Action Comedy This type of sub-genre combines action with humour. Action Comedy relies on the characters to bring out the humour, whilst the action scenes tends to be less intense than full-on action movies. Some examples include; • Beverly Hills Cop • Rush Hour • Hot Fuzz
  4. Anarchic Comedy Anarchic usually refers to a sub-genre of comedy which uses a stream of consciousness humour. The humour tends to be nonsense with an exaggeration of characters and situations. Anarchic films often use slapstick, however is considered to be less violent compared to other films. Unlike classic comedy, Anarchic movies doesn’t rely on the narrative to explain the context of humour. Some film examples include; • Monty Python • Holy Grail • Blazing Saddles • Animal House
  5. Black Comedy Black Comedy is a sub-genre of both Comedy and Satire. These type of films usually explore the concept and topics that are considered taboo in our society. Black Comedy takes topics and situations which are held as serious and converts them to a comical storyline for the audience to enjoy, without taking offence. Due to this approach, some audiences may laugh as they feel uncomfortable. Examples of this sub-genre used in films; • Fargo • Harold and Maude • Love Bomb
  6. Horror Comedy Horror Comedy combines both the traditional horror and comedy movie themes and characters. These types of films aim to scare the audience, and also provide comical outlets that let the audience laugh through their fear. Examples; • Zombieland • Beetlejuice • Shaun of the Dead.
  7. Parody/Spoof This type of sub-genre entirely basis itself in reality. The aim of these films is to impersonate, ridicule or scoff at serious situations and people. These films rely heavily on satire and can be used in means of either social or political commentary. Parody/Spoof can also be taken as a form of fake documentary, which is also known as ‘Mockumentary’. Examples of this; • Life of Brian • Naked Gun • Scary Movie series
  8. Romantic Comedy Romantic Comedy is a genre aimed to catch the viewers heart with a combination of love and humour. This type of sub-genre is light-hearted and places two protagonists in a humorous situation. These type of films revolve around a romantic ideal, such as true love, which end in triumphs over any given situation or obstacle, which therefore creates a happy ending. Examples include; • Roman Holiday • Where Harry met Sally • Knocked Up
  9. Slapstick Slapstick comedy is a type of sub-genre which incorporates physical comedy into the story. These types of films use visual action, including harmless violence to depict humour. Slapstick films usually rely on comedic timings and a controlled performance of a single actor. Examples of this include; • Caddyshack • Safety Last! • Tommy Boy