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Overcoming Technical SEO Challenges for Enterprise Sites - LearnInbound 2019

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You might have a standard set of processes and fixes when dealing with normal-sized sites, but how does that change when you start working with large enterprise sites? How do you adapt SEO processes to work effectively for clients with these needs? In this session, Sam will provide efficient and effective strategies on how to tackle complex SEO challenges for enterprise level sites.

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Overcoming Technical SEO Challenges for Enterprise Sites - LearnInbound 2019

  1. 1. Overcoming Technical SEO Challenges For Enterprise Sites Sam Marsden, SEO & Content Manager, DeepCrawl Learn Inbound - 16th August 2019 @sam_marsden LearnInbound
  2. 2. Three things I’ve learned in Dublin Proper Guinness Proper hangovers Proper Wurly burgers :S
  3. 3. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Enterprise SEO is massively complex! It’s a stress test for our SEO methodologies.
  4. 4. @sam_marsden LearnInbound How do we define Enterprise SEO?
  5. 5. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Enterprise company ≠ enterprise site 5,900 pages £3.9 billion 2,820 pages £4.4 billion 2,450 pages £11.8 billion
  6. 6. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Size & scale Auditing & prioritisation Reporting & monitoring Velocity of completion Recurring enterprise challenges: 4
  7. 7. @sam_marsden LearnInbound 1. Scale - Issue amplification
  8. 8. @sam_marsden LearnInbound It isn’t time-efficient to extract insights for the entire site. Analysing every page is resource intensive and costly. Challenges with size and scale
  9. 9. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Only need enough data to validate issues Building a bigger picture from smaller parts.
  10. 10. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Techniques for tactical crawling
  11. 11. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Tactical crawling roadmap Baseline analysis Unrestricted initial analysis with limited no. URLs. Design segments Sampling and slicing. Maximum insights with minimum resources. Benchmark analysis Focused and frequent ongoing analysis for monitoring.
  12. 12. Example: Large marketplace client 2m URL initial crawl 15 targeted test crawls Ongoing benchmark crawls
  13. 13. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Learn more about tactical crawling Podcast: bit.ly/rachel-enterprise
  14. 14. @sam_marsden LearnInbound 2. Auditing & prioritisation
  15. 15. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Finding issues that really need to be fixed. Creating a hierarchy of prioritisation. Challenges with issue detection
  16. 16. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Technical audits for enterprise sites Extremely thorough technical audit. 12 core sections - recommendations and prioritisation. Executive overview.
  17. 17. @sam_marsden LearnInbound How do we prioritise issues? Effort x Impact = Severity score & priority level (1-5) (1-5) (1-25) (low- high)
  18. 18. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Common issues on enterprise sites 4 Proportion of primary pages. Crawl depth with >20 levels Rendered crawl finds iframe is breaking head Excessive international page versions
  19. 19. Example: Technology company Ridiculous no. country language combinations in URL path.
  20. 20. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Internationalisation gone wrong... Pages for Kazakh speakers in Switzerland E.g. /kk-KZ/zurich/
  21. 21. @sam_marsden LearnInbound 3. Reporting & monitoring
  22. 22. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Keeping on top of issues as they arise on large scale sites. Maintaining a top level perspective of a large portfolio of domains. Challenges with reporting and monitoring
  23. 23. Example: Large media publisher Large scale migration of 300k subdomains over 6 months.
  24. 24. GSC Monthly comparison dashboard @sam_marsden LearnInbound Organic dashboards which display top level trends and surface granular issues quickly. bit.ly/gds-gsc
  25. 25. Enterprise level dashboarding using Data Studio @sam_marsden LearnInbound @nickwilsdon bit.ly/ enterprise-seo
  26. 26. Unmissable keyword cannibalisation dashboard @sam_marsden LearnInbound @HannahRampton https://strategiq.co/how-to-identify-keyword-cannibalisation/
  27. 27. @sam_marsden LearnInbound 4. Velocity of completion
  28. 28. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Getting SEO fixes, campaigns and initiatives actioned. Getting a broad range of stakeholders and gatekeepers bought in to SEO. Challenges with reporting and monitoring
  29. 29. Soft skills are key!
  30. 30. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Winning in enterprise organisations 4 Build strong internal and external networks. Prove ROI to score budget Be a hub of influence between different depts. Lead with revenue KPIs, not SEO KPIs bit.ly/eli-enterprise Eli Schwartz @5le
  31. 31. Wrapping it all up...
  32. 32. @sam_marsden LearnInbound Size & Scale Auditing & prioritisation Reporting & monitoring Velocity of completion Enterprise challenges & solutions 4 Tactical analysis Hierarchy of recommendations Top level dashboards Soft skills and influence
  33. 33. THANK YOU ANY QUESTIONS? Sam Marsden SEO & Content Manager @sam_marsden LearnInbound