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My geography game proposal

A PowerPoint presentation I created for the Interactive & Mobile Media module of my university degree.

In it, I detail each point of the proposal for an educational Flash game on the geography of the British Isles, along with relevant research.

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My geography game proposal

  1. 1. My Geography Game By Sabrina Gardiner
  2. 2. Outline of my idea • Create a matching game on the theme of geography. • Drag the flags and capital cities to the correct country. • Will focus on the British Isles. • Will contain fact files on each country.
  3. 3. Purpose of making this game Teach children about the geography of Britain. Fully animate my characters for an actual game. Learn how to use more advanced features of Flash and ActionScript code.
  4. 4. Other games similar to mine The Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Game http://kids.nationalgeograp hic.com/games/adventure/ ultimate-us-road-trip/ Europe Map Match Game http://www.kidsgeo.com/ge ography-games/europe- map-game.php World Capitals Quiz http://www.knowledgeadve nture.com/games/world- capitals-quiz/
  5. 5. Hi! I’m England. Here’s some facts about me: London (capital) Rose (national emblem) St. George’s Day (special day: 23 April)
  6. 6. Prototype Beta version. Blank map of Britain, national flags and capital cities. Flags, characters and names are draggable. Scoring/verification system to be added. Also planning to add names of countries as well as capital cities.
  7. 7. Target audience Multicultural children under 8 years old Primary school May have just moved to the UK