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Show Your Employees You're Thankful

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A Little Recognition Can Make a Big Difference

For more information about employee engagement, visit our website! www.saba.com

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Show Your Employees You're Thankful

  1. 1. Quick and Easy Tips to Engage Your Employees Acknowledging accomplishments or simply saying thanks can go a long way. Simple ways of showing employees they are valuable members of the team helps reinforce good performance. Plus it’s a great way to connect with employees on a personal level. A Little Recognition Can Make a Big Difference of people work harder if they’re being praised1 Showing You’re Thankful is as Easy as A B C CKNOWLEDGE EFFORT A project may go belly-up, but that doesn’t mean all of the hard work was for nothing. Find the silver lining and share that so all benefit. E A COACH Listen and offer guidance. Remember, your team grows when they solve the problem. ELEBRATE WINS Whenever you see improvement, don’t delay! Recognize your employees as they reach new milestones. Motivate and Inspire by Simply Saying “Thanks!” Or go the extra mile. of companies that have spent as little as 1% or more of payroll on recognition have seen a positive impact on engagement.2 Have a Happy Thanksgiving from Saba! Visit our website for more tips on talent and employee development www.saba.com Sources: 1. http://www.globoforce.com/resources/research-reports/ mood-tracker-spring-2012-the-growing-inuence-of-employee-recognition/ 2. SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey, 2012 ABC http://ww1.saba.com/us/blogs/2014/10/02/coach-ing- skills-%E2%80%93-critical-for-management-and-talent-programs,-but-not-selecting-managers/