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SIVA CV01 (2)

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SIVA CV01 (2)

  1. 1. CAREER OBJECTIVES To seek a better opportunity in your esteemed organization and to make my career under your directional approach and enthusiastic guidance of your organizational team, This will make me a part of your management. I wish to continually learn and attain the job satisfaction by the optimum utilization of my qualifications and experience or contribute towards the objective and growth of the organization. AREA OF INTEREST  Operations  Research & Development ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION  M Tech (Digital Systems and Signal Processing) Passed with 7.54 CGPA in GITAM University.  B Tech(ECE) Passed with 64.48% from SVCET of JNTU Kakinada.  Intermediate (12th ) Passed with 88.7% .  Matriculation (10th ) Passed with 74%. BEHARA SIVA KRISHNA D.No.01-36, Rottavalasa Vill,Sarabujjili mandal, Srikakulam, Andhra pradesh - 532190 PROFILE I am driven in all my endeavors by a commitment to excellence. I have the attitude to learn and work in teams. Facing challenges and meeting deadlines are my strengths. Looking forward to work in creative, challenging and learning atmosphere, which provides ample opportunities for growth in the IT field. RESUME Contact No: -9949922338 9148601288 Gmail: bsk22338@gmail.com
  2. 2. PROJECT WORK Title : “REAL TIME AUDIO COMPRESSION” Coding : C & MATLAB Description : Real Time Audio Compression is widely used for Telecommunication systems. Mostly telecommunication systems are developed to The G.722 sub-band speech codec has been developed on TMS320C6713 DSP kit from Texas instruments. The continuation of this project is to design the Real time implementation for the audio compression technique (MPEG) by psychoacoustic modeling . These two techniques are developed in Code Composer Studio (CC Studio). STRENGTHS  Adaptability and quick learning capability.  Good team dynamics and interpersonal skills.  Good presentation, writing and editing skills. COMPUTER PROGRAMING SKILLS  Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook Express  Languages: C, MATLAB, verilog, VHDL.  Operating Systems: Winows9X, Windows2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, MS DOS  Hardware tools: VHDL, software Installation, operating system Installation, CC Studio  Internet : well knowledge of Internet and webmaster (web, directory, search engine and portal sites)
  3. 3. ACHIEVEMENTS  Awarded best student at school level  Attained a place in the Top 3 in view of academic performance in my class.  Attended a workshop on VLSI Technology and PCB Design.  Attended ‘A one day National WORKSHOP on MAT-LAB and it’s applications in signal& image processing’.  Presented a paper in Sri Sivani College of Engineering in the event DAKSHATA-2011, Srikakulam PERSONAL PROFILE Father’s Name Guru Prasada Rao Date of Birth 03rd AUGUST, 1991 Address D. No . 01-33, ROTTAVALASA (VILLAGE & POST), SARUBUJJILI (MANDAL) SRIKAKULAM – 532190 Andhra Pradesh. Contact Number +91 9949922338 E-mail bsk22338@gmail.com Sex Male Marital Status Unmarried Nationality Indian Language Known English & Telugu Hobbies Listening music & reading books Declaration : I hereby declare that all the above-furnished information is correct to the best of my knowledge Place: Bangalore Date: __/__/____ [BEHARA SIVA KRISHNA]