introduction to c c_programming c computer c intro type conversion in c kcs201 unit ii_kcs201 shikha gautam dbms introduction to dsm and dfs algorithm for implementation of distributed shared design issues in distributed shared memory mechanism for building distributed file systems agreement protocols distributed resource manageme distributed mutual exclusion distributed deadlock detection introduction distributed systems unit 5 unit _kcs201 unit 3 unit2 algorithm basic organization of a computer data cleaning as a process outlier analysis clustering prediction classification association discrimination characterization data mining functionalities- kdd process data mining warehouse metadata cleanup & transformation tools warehouse schema design. data extraction distributed dbms implementations. warehousing sof parallel processors & cluster systems c/server computing model & data warehousing warehouse management and support processes. wareh data warehouse process and technology: warehousing database architectures for parallel processing mapping the data warehouse to a multiprocessor arc building a data warehouse data warehousing components conceptual modeling of data warehouses what is data warehouse?oltp vs. olap current trends in database management system applications of dbms user components of dbms types of database need of database examples of databases definition basic dbms slides slides dbms syllabus uptu aktu why dbms need of dbms basics of dbms database management system
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