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Ryan ziemba marketing consulting deck

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A digital marketing analysis prepared for a online legal services startup.

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Ryan ziemba marketing consulting deck

  1. 1. DIGITAL MARKETING ANALYSIS FOR DIGITAL LEGAL SERVICES PLATFORM Targeted Marketing & Campaign Implementation Prepared by: Ryan Ziemba ryan.ziemba@gmail.com 646.256.4791 Social Networking: ryanziemba.com @Ryan_Ziemba LinkedIn.com/in/ryanziemba CASE STUDY:
  2. 2. Ryan Ziemba Bio I have direct experience working across all elements of digital media it relates to content production, brand marketing, social media, display advertising, and audience analytics. My experience includes working with over 40 digital media related platforms as well as a number of measurement and tracking platforms including comScore, Nielsen, Vindico, Google Analytics, Quantcast, DART, Atlas, ViralHeat, and SocialMention to name a few. I have also worked on SEO/SEM projects, display advertising campaigns, and social media programs. I have developed, executed, and analyzed tens of millions of dollars worth of brand marketing campaigns across a variety of technology platforms and content categories. This includes campaign management for media companies such as MTV, ESPN, and Hulu, advertising agencies like Starcom Mediavest, Mediacom, MEC, and Saatchi & Saatchi, and consumer brands including Toyota, P&G, Cotton, Red Bull, Microsoft, and Verizon. In addition, as an MBA student at Columbia Business School I devoted much of my work to exploring business opportunities at the intersection of consumer brands, digital content, and technology.
  3. 3. Overview: Online Research by Legal Consumers While many people still rely on offline referrals from friends and family, most consumers use online resources and search engines in particular to find attorneys. Online resources (net) 65% Online search engines 39% Online directories 31% Social media sites 26% Law firm websites 31% Legal blogs 29% Online legal advice forums 34% Offline advice 39% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Online resources (net) Online search engines online directories Social media sites Law firm websites Source: LexisNexis.com. “How Today’s Consumers Really Search for an Attorney.” 2012 Legal blogs Online legal advice forums Offline advice
  4. 4. CONSUMER TARGETING Life-Stage Segmentation
  5. 5. Life-Stage Segmentation Life-Stage Segmentation takes into account the multidimensional character of consumer and economic behavior: specifically, the effects of life-stage factors on consumer behavior and individual preferences. The following segments have been determined to be most relevant to specific legal practice areas and are accessible targets for digital marketing. Baby Boomers • Ages: 50 – 68 • % of Michigan Population: 24.6% • Legal Issues: Retirement, Long-term care, Estate Planning, Healthcare • Target Practice Areas: Elder Law, Estate Planning – Wills & Trusts Generation X • Ages: 35 – 49 • % of Michigan Population: 20.5% • Characteristics: Divorce, Child custody, Financial planning, Job security, Real estate purchases • Target Practice Areas: Labor Law, Real Estate Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law Millennials • Ages: 20 – 34 • % of Michigan Population: 18.5% • Legal Issues: Traffic violations, Drunk driving, Divorce, Child custody, Employment, Debt management, First time home buying • Target Practice Areas: Labor Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, Real Estate Law
  6. 6. Life-Stage Marketing Segment Baby Boomers (50 – 68 yrs) Generation X (35 – 49 yrs) Millenials (20 – 34 yrs) Characteristics Prefer to be referred to as ‘mature’ Willing to shop around & switch brands Rely on referral information especially from email Resist broad-based marketing Tend to be brand loyal Won’t purchase until thoroughly researched Spend a lot of time scouring online review sites and social media Respond well to digital and traditional advertising Look for immediacy – “I want it now” Value authentication & trust Skeptical about advertising in general Team oriented and listen to peer recommendations Messaging Make specific references to product features & benefits Provide detailed information Highlight ‘Local’ features e.g., “Michigan lawyers” Empower Gen X to make decisions on their terms i.e., “decide what’s best for you” Call attention to the fact that the legal services platform can be a valuable research aid Focus on product education and detail key benefits Explain how ZB’s offering is customizable and suited to fit unique needs Highlight ZB’s commitment to ethics, quality, and the fact that each member attorney has been evaluated and is in good legal standing Tactics Avoid relying too heavily on social media Pay special attention to SEO/SEM Make email communication a primary touch-point Offer money-back guarantees, or freemium plans, and other promotions that help establish consumer confidence Make ZB highly visible online with SEO, keywords, display ads, social media, and review sites Listen to feedback and respond Be creative – videos like Benihana should resonate will with this group Use social media to engage the audience on a personal level
  7. 7. SEO/SEM The #1 Marketing Tactic
  8. 8. Michigan-Specific Search Volume by Practice Area This data is meant to help prioritize practice areas in terms of search engine marketing against Michigan legal consumers. Practice Area Avg. Monthly Searches Percent of Total Elder Law 25,570 22% Estate Planning 14,630 13% Family Law 19,800 17% Immigration Law 26,830 23% Intellectual Property 19,400 17% Real Estate Law 10,700 9% Total 116,930 100% NOTE: The "Immigration Law" Avg. Monthly Searches have been adjusted down from 53,660 based on the assumption that immigration-related news could account for as much as 50% of search volume. 30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Avg. Monthly Google Searches Elder Law Estate Planning Family Law Immigration Law Intellectual Property Real Estate Law
  9. 9. Elder Law Geographic Distribution Keywords by Relevance elder law elderly law elder law attorney elder law lawyer elder law answers elder law chicago elder law attorneys elder law new york law elder law elder abuse laws what is elder law national elder law foundation certified elder law attorney national academy of elder law attorneys elder law lawyers elder abuse law elder law firm attorney elder law elder law and advocacy attorney search Sample Ad Copy
  10. 10. Estate Planning Geographic Distribution Keywords by Relevance estate planning estate planning magazine estate planning checklist estate plan what is estate planning estate planning trusts estate planning attorney estate planning forms estate planning for dummies estate planning documents estate planning basics estate planning law estate planning software wills and estate planning estate planning lawyer estate planning guide estate planning attorneys estate planning journal estate planning lawyers estate planning definition Sample Ad Copy
  11. 11. Family Law Keywords by Relevance Geographic Distribution family law family attorneys child support divorce attorney legal aid custody lawyer how to file for divorce attorney ask a lawyer divorce lawyers legal separation free legal advice divorce lawyer divorce papers legal advice free legal aid cheap divorce family law attorney grandparents rights Sample Ad Copy
  12. 12. Immigration Law Keywords by Relevance Geographic Distribution immigration law immigration status immigration immigration forms citizenship immigration laws immigration office immigration attorney undocumented immigrants employment lawyers immigration and naturalization immigration and customs enforcement immigration reform bill immigration services comprehensive immigration reform immigration and naturalization service immigration lawyer immigration policy employment law immigration amnesty NOTE: Keywords strictly referencing immigration news have been eliminated. Sample Ad Copy 26,830
  13. 13. Intellectual Property Law Keywords by Relevance Geographic Distribution intellectual property copyright law copyright trademarks patent search patent attorney trademark trademark registration patent what is a patent trademark search copyright laws patents intellectual property definition ipr patent office how to patent an idea patent pending registered trademark what is intellectual property Sample Ad Copy
  14. 14. Real Estate Law Keywords by Relevance Geographic Distribution real estate real estate contract real estate attorney probate real estate real estate lawyer real estate purchase contract real estate purchase agreement real estate contract form real estate law real estate contracts real estate forms grass valley real estate real estate lawyers commercial real estate real estate questions real estate tax real estate sales contract home buying offer to purchase real estate form home sales Sample Ad Copy
  15. 15. EMAIL MARKETING Turn prospects into customers.
  16. 16. Integrate Surveys into Email • MailChimp enables you to populate an email campaign with a SurveyMonkey survey. • Ask new users to provide demographic information and to identify relevant life events within the email itself. • Develop more effective email targeting moving forward. • Email segmentation is consistent with the Life-Stage approach.
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA Engage users and monitor consumer activity.
  18. 18. Social Media & Blog Usage A majority of consumers using social media to research attorneys refer to legal blogs and forums. Facebook and other sites are also used and have likely gained popularity since 2012; LinkedIn has seen particularly strong gains (See appendix). Social media sites (net) 26% Facebook 14% LinkedIn 8% YouTube 8% Twitter 7% Legal Blogs & Forums 29% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Social media sites (net) Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Twitter Legal Blogs
  19. 19. Social Media Organic Marketing Overview Facebook • Generate awareness among potential consumers and direct them back to the target site. • Share a mix of relevant links, engaging content, videos, and polls • Promote upcoming events and create them in the events tab • Engage with influencers • Post 1 – 2 posts per day LinkedIn • Generate awareness among legal professionals and law students and drive them back to the legal services website. • Create a user group involving the founders’ particular interests and practice fields. • Identify other groups to follow and participate. • Encourage employee participation • Post 1 – 2 posts per day Twitter • Tweet about new content and link the tweets back to the website. • Identify and engage influencers • Reply to others’ tweets • Segment influencers and create lists • Tweet 3 or more times per day Blog • Encourage others to comment by asking questions • Add social sharing buttons • Incorporate visuals and video • Link to other relevant content • Feature customers/legal professionals • Post new blogs weekly
  20. 20. FACEBOOK Generate awareness among friends.
  21. 21. Facebook Paid Advertising – Michigan 21 All potential reach data is based on Facebook users within Michigan that share the listed interests. More finely targeted ads tend to produce a greater number of clicks per impression. Ads can be more finely targeted depending on how many separate ads you want to create for each set of targets and interests. However, because you should be paying on a pay-per-click basis, the financial implications are not that large. Target Segment Age Range Facebook Interests Potential Reach Baby Boomers 50+ Retirement, Social security, Pension, Money management, Investment management, Estate planning, Insurance, Investor, healthcare, Long-term care or Financial services 240,000 people Generation X 35 - 49 Real estate, Intellectual property, Entrepreneurship, Labor relations, Copyright, Patent, Mortgage loans, Property, Investment Management Trademark, Small business or Real estate broker 480,000 people Millennials 20 - 34 Family law, job searching, Intellectual property, Child custody, Fatherhood, Parent, Motherhood, Child support, Joint custody, Copyright, Alimony, Parenting, Divorce, Adoption, Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, first home buyers direct or Real estate 860,000 people
  22. 22. Facebook Ad Example – Generation X Targeting • Location: Michigan, US • Age: 35 – 49 • Interests: • Real estate Intellectual property • Entrepreneurship • Labor relations • Copyright • Patent • Mortgage loans • Property • Investment Management • Trademark • Small business • Real estate broker • Potential Reach: 480,000 people Sample Ad Copy
  23. 23. LINKEDIN Network with professionals as potential clients.
  24. 24. LinkedIn Marketing Implement the marketing tactics below to increase the businesses position as a strategic thought leader in the legal services industry, grow company awareness, engagement, and reach, and most importantly generation qualified leads. Build a robust company page • Display graphics, add products and services. • Fill the page with compelling and interesting status updates about the legal industry. • Invite existing employees, clients or customers, and partners to follow your page. • Ask customers to recommend the target website. Engage LinkedIn 1 – 3 times daily • Include media-rich status updates with links and images. • Ask though-provoking questions. • Commen on the status updates of your connections. Leverage Paid LinkedIn Content Ads & Sponsored Updates • Make sure the landing page attached to your banner or text ad includes a relevant offer with clear call to action instructions. Launch a LinkedIn group based on the legal industry or specific practice areas. • Position the legal services company as an industry thought leader. • Focus on gaining relevant members with common goals. • Identify top influencers and have them serve as group ambassadors to lead discussions. • Message members once or twice per week.
  25. 25. LinkedIn Paid Advertising – Michigan 25 LinkedIn ads can be targeted to a wide variety of groups. Unlike Facebook, however, LinkedIn groups do not necessarily cover all the interests each segment is likely to be concerned and as a result overly specific targeting will limit reach. With that in mind, base your approach on the groups you believe each market segment would likely belong to but also consider running broader campaigns across all groups. Note also that LinkedIn age targeting does not align exactly with traditional life-stage demographics. Target Segment Age LinkedIn Groups Potential Reach Baby Boomers 55+ Retirement & Pension Careers, Retired and enjoying life, US ARMY- (Retired) & (Vets) Professionals, Leaders, Soldiers, Retired Law Enforcement, Retired Engineers - A Gold Mine, Retirement Income Industry Association Discussion Group (2,000 + members), Social Security Administration Employees, Social Security Practitioners, Social Security Benefits, International Social Security Association, Social Security Disability, Investment & Money Management - *Wealth Management, Private Banking, Discretionary, Consultancy, Client Money, Cash Management & Compliance, Investment Management professionals, Investor Relations Network, Long-term Care Industry Professionals Group or Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance 2,500 members Generation X 35 - 54 Real Estate, Real Estate Professionals Referral Group, Real Estate Employment Network, The Real Estate Networking Group, Intellectual Property Networking, Intellectual Property Professionals, Intellectual Property Jobs, Patent Attorney Patent Agent jobs, Intellectual Property Services, Patents, Licensing Executives Society International, IP Intelligence or Patent and Intellectual Property Practitioners 33,025 members Millennials 18 – 24 + 25 – 34 Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!, Job Postings and Job Boards! (#1 Jobs Groups), Intellectual Property Professionals, Intellectual Property Networking, Patents - Intellectual Property, LAW JOBS NETWORK - #1 Legal Careers Group, e-LEGAL, IP Lawyers, Patent and Intellectual Property Practitioners, Music Industry Forum, MusicBiz, Intellectual Property Law & Protection Networking Group, REAL ESTATE, REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS GROUP or Residential Real Estate Referral Group 8,747 members
  26. 26. LinkedIn Ad Examples – General Audience Display Ads Sponsored Content
  27. 27. TWITTER Communicate in real-time.
  28. 28. Twitter Paid Advertising Twitter paid advertising is meant to complement the company's regular digital engagement strategy of identifying and interacting with key influencers presented in the original ZB marketing analysis. Note that in terms of demographics, Twitter only allows for geographic and gender targeting; age is not included. Promoted Tweets • Reach more people and drive conversation. • This approach works for driving traffic in the short term to the website. • Promoted Tweets will likely work best to drive traffic to new blog entries once it is integrated into the primary site. Followers Campaign • Grow your community on Twitter. • A Followers Campaign is a longer term strategy that will help the business recruit a broader audience. Options • Target Keywords: Reach people that search, tweet about, or engage with specific keywords. • Consider using a keyword list made up of those used in the Google Adwords campaigns combined with keywords related to legal practice areas associated with each life-stage segment and Twitter’s own recommendations. • Interests and Followers: Reach people with specific interests or who are similar to followers of specific accounts. Options • Interests and Followers: Reach people with specific interests or who are similar to followers of specific accounts. • Tailored Audiences: Reach people using your own data.
  29. 29. FORUMS Establish thought leadership
  30. 30. Legal Advice Forums 30 In addition to interacting with legal blogs, consider participating in these legal advice forums by creating profiles and responding to visitor queries on behalf of the business. 1. TheLaw.com/forums 2. WorldLawDirect.com 3. Expertlaw.com/forums 4. Forum.Freeadvice.com 5. LawyerCentral.com/forum 6. Forums.LegalMatch.com 7. LawInfo.com 8. LawFiles.net 9. LawGuru.com 10. TheLaw.com
  31. 31. VIDEO Promoting Video Content
  32. 32. Video Marketing Recommendations Promote Increase Content Offering • Produce videos related to case studies. • Add video content to the sites Wiki forum. • Encourage attorneys to include video in their profiles. • YouTube has essentially the same targeting options as Google Adwords. • Include the company’s branding at the beginning of the video. • Cross promote with other YouTube videos and channels.
  33. 33. Law-Related Video Content Categories • Legal Alerts: Describe changes changes in Michigan law directed at consumers • Thought Leadership: Focused on industry insights. Ex: Present key findings from a recent publication • Events & Press Releases: Videos highlighting industry developments relevant to Michigan residents. • Legal Marketing Insights: Interviews with Michigan marketing and business development professionals • Practical Case Studies: Real world stories & interviews with clients and attorneys in Michigan
  34. 34. YouTube Promotion Campaign Example Rules of Thumb Keep it short – shoot for 30-60s. Show viewers what you’re all about – include clips of your content and make the ad is in the same style as the content on your channel. Make the first 5 seconds count – after this the user can skip your ad. Convince them to stay! Use Calls to Action (CTA) – tell users exactly what you want them to do after watching your ad. Give users time to take that action – the last 10 seconds or more of your video should give users time to click. Create a static call to action, like an end-card for your ad. Give it a real title – ad titles are visible to the user so don’t call it an “ad.” Use this space to double-down on your CTA and name it something like “subscribe to my channel”. Upload to the channel you’re promoting – upload the ad as unlisted or public to the channel you’re trying to promote.
  35. 35. THANK YOU! Ryan Ziemba | ryanziemba.com | ryan.ziemba@gmail.com|646.256.4791