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Human Interaction Keynote Brushfire Interactive July 2015

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AZIMA Keynote from July 23, 2015. Ryan Smeets, Director of Client Strategy at Brushfire Interactive lead a discussion on the topic of UX/UI: Design for Human Interaction

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Human Interaction Keynote Brushfire Interactive July 2015

  1. 1. UX/UI: Design for Human Interaction Ryan Smeets, Director of Client Strategy- Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire TWEET:
  2. 2. KEYNOTE AGENDA • Introduction • A framework for “design” • Define (un)necessary buzzwords • Case Studies • Practical Application 2 Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  3. 3. A MORE REALISTIC AGENDA • I will present information • You [may] react or ask questions • We [should] all meet new people 3 Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  4. 4. RYAN
 SMEETS [lucky guy] 4 TWEET TO:
 @ryansmeets @startabrushfire
  6. 6. Why define the term as 
 “Human Interaction?” 6 • The culmination of previously used buzzwords. • Not limited to just technology. • Best explains the end goal of design. Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  7. 7. Human Interaction [a brief evolution] 1960’s Desktop Calculators
 (e.g, 9100A) Engelbart’s first computer mouse ‘64 1970’s Actual “Computers”
 (e.g, HP3000) Xerox Alto PC & Simonyi’s WYSIWYG ‘74 Decade | Product Era Resulting Innovation 7 Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  8. 8. Human Interaction [a brief evolution] Decade | Product Era Resulting Innovation 8 1980’s Personal Computing
 (e.g, Commodore 64 OS ROM BASIC) Intel microprocessor ’85 Recordable CD’s ‘88 1990’s Web 1.0
 (e.g, Netscape, Yahoo, Ebay, Paypal & Google ) World Wide Web ’91 Google founded ‘98 Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  9. 9. Human Interaction [a brief evolution] Decade | Product Era Resulting Innovation 9 2000’s Web 2.0 + Dawn of mobile
 (e.g, personalized products & social networks) Itunes ’03, YouTube ’05, Iphones ’06 + Android phones ‘08 2010’s Proliferation of Mobile + IOTs
 (e.g, Tablets, Wearables and smart devices) FitBit ’11, Google Cardboard VR ‘15 Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  10. 10. – Matías Duarte, Google VP of Design “Everything is going to have power, everything is going to have a screen, everything is going to have wifi, everything is going to have computer chips. Your personal computer will actually be a series of devices that surrounds you and that you move through- that’s what the future is going to be like. It’s not about any one device having to have some killer feature that makes everyone want to have it. 
 In the future, we’re going to treat smart devices like we do apps today.” 10
  11. 11. Human Interaction Trifecta [design] • A New Reality for 
 Consumer’s Demands + Expectations DOES IT SOLVE AN IMMEDIATE NEED? USEFUL CONTENT HONORS THE FEATURES OF THE DEVICE(S) 11 Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  12. 12. Human Interaction [design] • Proof = Rise of “Chief Design Officers” • Positioned alongside CFOs + CEOs • Autonomous of Marketing or Product Teams 12
  13. 13. Human Interaction [content] • A New Reality for a Company’s Demands + Expectations • Text is powerful, influential and accessible • Video is powerful, influential and accessible • Everything comes back to storytelling! 13
  14. 14. Human Interaction [content] source: bradfrost.com 14 SNAP A PHOTO!
  15. 15. Human Interaction [design + content] THE WEDGE: IMPORTANCE OF A SINGLE PURPOSE
 [THE 15 SECOND RULE] 15 SNAP A PHOTO OF THIS SLIDE! Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  16. 16. We are collaborating with Trimble Navigation to revolutionize construction automation. Trimble's Android products are leap frogging the competition by automating processes for drivers of heavy machinery. With the help of Brushfire, Trimble’s simple, elegant user experience has created waves in the construction industry Android (OEM and OTS) 16
  17. 17. Brushfire worked closely with the Crossway team to redesign and expand their iOS and Android apps for both the ESV and ESV Study Bible (originally launched by our friends at Subsplash). The software teams from both organizations worked side-by- side to create one of the most elegant and fastest performing Bible apps available. iPhone, Android 17
  18. 18. Brushfire designed and developed the Child Sponsorship App on behalf of Compassion International. Child Sponsors can now see biographical info and photos of their children, write or send a photo from their device or learn about the child’s country and their favorite activities. Universal iOS and Android 18
  19. 19. No cash on hand? Bravo is the revolutionary new tipping app designed to transfer tips quickly and easily to service professionals. Brushfire collaborated with Bravo to create a product roadmap, name/brand/logo, UX design, marketing strategy, and web/ mobile tipping platform Android, iPhone, Web 19
  20. 20. A Brief Discussion: Poor vs Good Design 20 Poor = Difficulty navigating + visually uninviting Good = Frictionless + inviting + familiar Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  21. 21. 21 Human Interaction [entry-level choices] Web: Cookie Cutter vs Professional Design • WordPress, SquareSpace & Twitter Bootstrap Themes are the new normal • Cheap & Easy = bootswatch.com, rockettheme.com, startbootstrap.com bootbundle.com or search via any respective theme shops Ryan Smeets, Brushfire Interactive @ryansmeets & @startabrushfire
  22. 22. Human Interaction [professional process] Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Approach • Brainstorming + Whiteboard Workshop • Wireframes • Design Exploration • Present Early Concepts • Refine • Prototype 22
  23. 23. Human Interaction [tools] • Wireframes = Balsamiq or OmniGraffle 
 Tools like these should look like sketches. 
 They facilitate conversation around features and functions 23
  24. 24. Human Interaction [tools] • Actual Design = Adobe Photoshop or Sketch TIP:
 Familiar tools are good to use however the aim with clients at this phase should be to hone the overall look and feel. 24
  25. 25. Human Interaction [tools] • Rapid Prototyping = Invision, sketch or proto.io TIP:
 Prototyping fosters immediate user feedback and allows developers to better estimate in an MVP framework. 25
  26. 26. HUMAN INTERACTION APPLIED email | Google Inbox 26
  27. 27. HUMAN INTERACTION APPLIED email | Google Inbox Previous Email Problems Alleviated Through New Design: • Clutter • Desire/Ability to Respond Appropriately • Lack of Personalization
  28. 28. CLOSING THOUGHTS – Robert Brunner, Ammunition (Design Studio) “Technology enables; it’s design that puts it in people’s lives, makes it accessible and makes it interesting and desirable. Most savvy companies will have to invest in design as much as they do in their technology program.” 28 TWEET: