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Info graphic of Language.

Language creates Reality. A simplified model is being shaped in a Info Graphic map.

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Info graphic of Language.

  1. 1. An Info Graphic Chart Ronny Julius C Verlet
  2. 2.  Philosophers never managed to come to a shared definition of what Reality is.  One thing that is clear is that Reality has to do with senses: it must has been felt to exist.  A feeling is the result of a trigger on our sensation.  The most basic sensations are Time and Space.  Our visual and tactile senses play a dominant role in the creation of Reality.
  3. 3. Space. Space is in the first place a felt sensation; try it out by walking blindfolded. Mathematicians have made from space an object. The Space Sensations got names as: left, . ; under, . ; far, . ; here, . ; ... We represent Space in the way mathematicians do; but to do so we cannot escape from using ...Time. It takes Time to draw this !
  4. 4. Time. The word Time covers many concepts like: a moment, a period, historical, mechanical movement [clock], separation in time, repetition, ... The concept of repetition is common to all the other ideas or representation of Time. We have learned Space by the feeling of Time: we feel that it we consume time to cross space. Mathematicians created the best concept of Time: the Dirac Delta function; which claims that any event happening in a time span is the cumuli of a series of repetitive functions.
  5. 5. Time. = + + + an event in time = sum of periodic functions with harmonic derived frequencies. A representation in time . A representation of frequencies (periodic function)
  6. 6. Time. Expressed in words : an event in a very short lapse of time and high energy or impact (like the Big Bang) is equivalent with the sum of endless periodic happenings in time (that what we continuously experience). A definition of Time that covers this view is: Time is the mechanism that prevents everything from happening together.
  7. 7. Language continuously creates Realities in the succession of ‘now-s’, in time and space (inclusive the past), as actual and as fictive. A story is a story-reality. Real Realities only exist in –now-, which are represented (repeated) in language. This language is a repetitive sequence of words (forming sentences). Every concept of idea exists because of repetition of sounds and written signs indicating the item. This is called the naming of the item. The item exists because its name is being shared and repeated.
  8. 8. There are 4 types of words that create a Reality.  Time words: like an (occasion), in (the morning), where (kings ruled), there (happened), [up]on, when, by ...  Space words: this, that (apple), a (road), in (the box), where (we meet), on (the shelf), by (the crossing)...  Agent words: of (the list), by (accident), for (your health), with (friends), on (reading), what (results in), why( I am late), from (that place).  Background/context/source words: It (1/3), of ( the most..’), that (man), they, of (of the people), all, such, any, some, what (what is it beautiful), of (the people), that (the issue that...), they, all, such, any, some, what (is the nice).  Topic/subject words: the words that are the subject of communication( a car, summer, bridge, Paris).
  9. 9. The frequency of these 4 types of words creates the Reality. Translated in an Info Graphic chart: The surfaces represent the quantities of the word types being used by Language.
  10. 10. Read the full story on: Signs of Life. Life of Signs. http://issuu.com/ronnyverlet/docs/237023118-signs-of-life-and-life-of Or https://www.scribd.com/doc/239059959/Signs-of-Life-and-Life-of- Signs “ Info Graphics is a most powerful tool to transfer knowledge and insight “ http://www.infographic-mentors.com