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  1. 1. 5915 Heavenwood Dr, Mableton GA 30126 United States 706-750-7493 rcombs10@liberty.edu Romain Combs 5915 Heavenwood Dr Mableton GA, 30126 United States 706-750-7493 rcombs10@liberty.edu Profile: A Logistics Supply Manager with knowledge of managing projects and personnel in an effective manner. Highly focused with a comprehensive understanding of logistics, administrative, and database functions. Consistent proven track record of successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency, reduce operating costs while increasing performance. WORK EXPERIENCE: Logistics Supply Manager February 2005 – September 2013 U.S. Army | Savannah, GA Government and Military: Established automated accounting records, verify quantities received against shipping documents, and maintain updates on the U.S. Army supply databases. Managed and led the administrative duties for 5 personnel consisting of quarterly and yearly evaluation reports, inventory reports, paid time off and sick leave reports. Planned the administrative procurement process and distribution of 5,500 supply orders. Monitored the procurement, inventory control, and logistics function of a U.S. Army warehouse. Managed a cross functional team by providing guidance on standard operating procedures and quality control, which resulted in numerous commendations from senior leadership. Evaluated complex logistics reports and operation orders by utilizing problem solving and analytical skills to ensure standards were exceeded. Advised and briefed senior leadership weekly on logistical inventory, procurement and sensitive value items. Directed inbound and outbound logistics operations such as transportation, warehouse safety performance, and logistics quality management. Evaluated and analyze complex supply logistics situations to find solutions.
  2. 2. 5915 Heavenwood Dr, Mableton GA 30126 United States 706-750-7493 rcombs10@liberty.edu Gained solid working knowledge of team building and group cohesion while working under stressful situations while deployed to different locations around the world with the U.S.Army. Utilized communication skills to present supply error reports to senior leadership. Provided clerical administrative support to warehouse customers and my peers on a daily bases. Demonstrated skills in writing to present supply correspondents to senior leadership. Detail-minded individual with a good eye for balance in the workplace. Competent in all phases of Leadership and Team Development. Proficient in Microsoft office, HTML, CSS, and SQL for databases. Created supply transaction memos at a typing speed of over 40wpm daily. Deputy Clerk April 21 2016- Present Solicitor’s General Office Atlanta, Ga 30303 Perform document preparation of legal documents to be scanned into electronic formats. Provide document control by reviewing legal documents for accuracy and the appropriate identification of documents criminal numbers. Independently performs retrieval and re-file of legal documents to be reference for relocation. Provide customer service to citizens and staff and provide legal answers to questions pertaining to criminal documents. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts Degree: Leadership Studies August 2014 - May 2017 University of Alabama | Tuscaloosa, AL CERTIFICATION: Hazmat Shipper Certification: July 2008
  3. 3. 5915 Heavenwood Dr, Mableton GA 30126 United States 706-750-7493 rcombs10@liberty.edu Defense Ammunition Center, McAlester, Oklahoma Demonstrated the skills and knowledge necessary to comply with the 49 Code of Federal and Air Regulations. Automated Logistical Specialist: April 2005 U.S.Army Quartermaster School, Ft. Lee VA Completed courses in Computer Applications, Inventory Management, and Records Management to operate the Standard Army Retail Supply System. AWARDS: U.S.Army Commendation Medal U.S.Army Achievement Medal U.S.Army Good Conduct Medal Activities: I am a reading tutor for adults that need help with reading. I enjoy helping others as a way for me to contribute to our country’s future.