liver transplant chronic liver disease anesthesia cld cirrhosis coagulopathy blood products coagulation management coagulation microcirculatory inflammation sinusoids hepatic microcirculation sinusoidal dysfunction ischemia reperfusion injury microvascular dysfunction microcirculation goal directed fluid therapy pediatric liver transplant fluid management in liver transplant perioperative fluid management pediatric fluid management fluid pediatric hcv in liver transplant hbv in liver transplant cmv in liver transplant viral infections viral infections in liver transplant recipients liver transplant with pulmonary hypertension porto pulmonary hypertension pulmonary hypertension acid base balance stewart approach henderson hasselbalch equation abg analysis arterial blood gas analysis arterial blood gas abg hfov nava proportional assist ventilation vsv aprv prvc newer modes of ventilation meld exceptions meld in liver diseases meld na versions of meld meld liver donor extended and marginal liver marginal liver extended criteria liver donor paravertebral blocks peripheral nerve blocks of lower limbs peripheral nerve blocks regional anesthesia non transplant surgery optimisation pre operative assessment frailiity futility contraindications endocrine dysfunction in chronic liver disease
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