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Content Curation Scorecard for Content Marketing Success

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Roger C. Parker's Content Curation Scorecard helps content marketers evaluate their content curation efforts in 10 important areas. Use this scorecard to make sure that you are providing helpful, relevant information on a consistent basis.
Regular use of the Content Curation Scorecard provides a fresh perspective, identifying areas of excellence as well as areas requiring attention.

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Content Curation Scorecard for Content Marketing Success

  1. 1. ©2013 Roger C. Parker | www.publishedandprofitable.comROGER C. PARKER’S PUBLISHED & PROFITABLEContent Curation ScorecardWEEK OFCRITERIA QUESTION COMMENTS SCORERelevanceAre you selecting topics based onyour markets informational needs?UniquenessAre you recommending content yourmarket might otherwise overlook?ContextAre you using comments to providea context for the content youcurate?Adding valueAre you posting comments thatsummarize key ideas and lessons?ConciseAre your comments as conciselycommunicated as possible?VisualengagementAre you using graphics to enhancethe value of your comments?OrganizationHave you organized your curatedcontent into categories?EfficiencyDo you curate on a regular basis,and recycle your recommendations?TrackingAre you analyzing the popularity ofthe various topics you curate?SerendipityDo you occasionally curatesurprising or provocative content?Score