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RLJ Resume

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RLJ Resume

  1. 1. Page | 1 Robela L. Jamison 112 Constantine Way ● Greer, SC ●29650 Phone: 864-386-3836 ● royellejamison@yahoo.com SENIOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS & NETWORK SYSTEMS SPECIALIST _____________________________________________ CAREER PROFILE _________________________________________________ Operational, personnel supervisory, and management experience that spans over 23 years with extensive cross-functional expertise in managing communications and information systems, team development support and training, analyzing systems and processes with demonstrated skills in developing notable enhancements and improvements for a variety of projects and tasks, and asset management of heavy and high performance equipment averaging over $2.5M in acquisitions cost. __________________________________________ TECHNICAL EXPERTISE ____________________________________________ Tasked to lead department in testing and developing telecom systems operations and providing additional support in network administration; Functional areas included electronic data security, classified information and materials security, monitoring integrated electronic systems, message traffic processing procedures and analysis, electronic device systems installations and repair, automotive/mobile equipment maintenance, technical writing, and use of blueprints and technical diagrams; ____________________________ LEADERSHIP AND ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERTISE __________________________ A decorated leader with demonstrated performance in high-pressure environments, earning a solid reputation for improving organizational performance through hands-on training and a leadership approach that emphasizes decision-making through active listening, mentorship, and positive motivation. Superbly supervised 500+ personnel with varying skill and talent levels over 20 years in a variety of situations requiring combined use of a systems approach to training and development, and innovative dynamics used to promote and facilitate efficient and effective solutions to achieve work objectives and teams personal growth & career goals.
  2. 2. Page | 2 _______________________________________________ EMPLOYMENT _______________________________________________ First Sergeant 09/2012–08/2014 C-Company, 602nd ASB, U.S. Army, Camp Humphreys, South Korea Senior Network Instructor Writer 08/2010–09/2012 HHC, 15t h Signal BDE, U.S. Army, Fort Gordon, Augusta, Georgia Senior Network Operations Non-Commissioned Officer 05/2010–08/2010 0007SC BDE, Sullivan, U.S. Army Benjamin Franklin Village, Mannheim, Germany Network Operations Non-Commissioned Officer In-Charge 05/2009–05/2010 0007SC BDE, Sullivan, U.S. Army Benjamin Franklin Village, Mannheim, Germany Non-Commissioned Officer In-Charge, Atlantic Intelligence Command 03/2007–05/2009 0007SC BDE, Sullivan, U.S. Army Benjamin Franklin Village, Mannheim, Germany Platoon Sergeant 06/2006–03/2007 0007SC BDE, Sullivan, U.S. Army Benjamin Franklin Village, Mannheim, Germany Platoon Sergeant 06/2004–02/2006 Third Signal Company, third DET, U.S. Army, Fort Stewart, Hinesville, Georgia Sergeant-Transmission Section 10/2001–08/2003 B-Company, 0123 SC, U.S. Army, Fort Stewart, Hinesville, Georgia Small Group Leader 07/1999–10/2001 Non-Commissioned Officers Academy, U.S. Army, Fort Stewart, Hinesville, Georgia Chief Digital Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator 06/1998–04/1999 TROPO Company 266t h, 307th Signal BN, U.S. Army, Camp Carroll, South Korea Senior Transmissions Systems Operator/Maintainer 07/1992-05/2006 B-Company 0017, C-Company 0501, D-Company 0123 _______________________________________________ EDUCATION _____________________ __________________________ Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, Ga. June 2002 Bachelors of Science - Mass Communication ______________________________________ TRAINING/CERTIFICATIONS _____________________________________ Systems Approach to Training – Small Group Emphasis 2010 Capabilities Development – Skill Set & Talent Pool Maximization 2010 Senior Leaders Course – Production & Team Management 2004 Army Leadership Management Course Instructor – Supervisory 1999 Advanced Leadership Course- Mid-level Management 1998 Army Tactical Training Courses-Various 1994-1998
  3. 3. Page | 3 __________________________________________ EXTRACURRICULAR ________________ _________________________ Officiating – Basketball, Flag Football – 1999 to Present Competition Sports – Amateur Boxing, Softball – 2000-2004, 2014 ____________________________________ AWARDS & DECORATIONS _____________ __________________________ * Bronze Star Medal * Meritorious Service Medal (2) * Army Commendation Medal (5) * Army Achievement Medal (7) * Presidential Unit Citation Award * Meritorious Unit Commendation * Army Good Conduct Medal (7) * National Defense Service Medal (2) * Afghanistan Campaign Medal-Combat Service (2) * Iraq Campaign Medal-Combat Service (2) * Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal * Global War on Terrorism Service Medal * Korean Defense Service Medal *NCO Professional Development Ribbon (3) *Army Service Ribbon *Overseas Service Ribbon (6) *NATO Medal _______________________________________________ REFERENCES _____________________________________________ Patrick M. Quinga – Sr. Network Management Tech., U.S. Army –Email: patrick.m.quinga.mil@mail.mil Phone: (210) 678-9386 Ulysses D. Rayford – Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army - Email: ulysses.d.rayford.mil@mail.mil Phone: (706) 231-2604 Justin R. Becker – Captain /Asst. Professor Military Science, U.S. Army –Email: justin.r.becker.mil@mail.mil Phone: (941) 962-2988 Michelle A. Peters – Sergeant Major/Africa SETAF - Email: michelle.a.peters12.mil@mail.mil Phone: 011-39-0444-66-1771 Michael L. Peeler – Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army- 101st DIV – Email: michael.l.peeler.mil@mail.mil Phone: (910) 286-5325 Larry R. Girton – Master Sergeant, Division Sr. Manager, U.S. Army – Email: larry.r.girton.mil@mail.mil Phone: (270) 412-6635