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Column in 'Civil Society IT' magazine

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The first of a new regular column for me in Civil Society IT (from the stable that published the magazine formerly known as 'Professional Fundraising').

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Column in 'Civil Society IT' magazine

  1. 1. Client: Whizz Kidz Source: Civil Society IT Date: 01 March 2010 Page: 23 Reach: 0 Size: 232cm2 Value: 0 New mediawhizz I've been dabbling,well Facebook analytics- two free tools allowed me 'doing',socialmediaas part in the legion of DIYmetricsout there to pickup on tweets of my charity'scomms now tell me that I have5.1percent from peoplewho didn't sincemid-2008- not an velocity(ooh)and 3.2percent clout know we had a presence excessively time,but long (ahh)on Twitter,and 9.4 Facebook on Twitter,start to follow them adequateto havegained postquality.Thesesomewhat and sayhello. enoughground to start abstractstats mayallow me to record WhileI liketheeaseof plugging measuring impact.I hear its fluctuationsand improvements, my @moniker a self-generating into mixedopinionaboutthis but I'm now capturing the more pageof 'facts', statsand figures; In thesector;from ardent usefulnumbers(eg numberof people I think- if you havethe time- at anti-strategists(incidentally, who commenton our Facebook presentit's helpfuljustto aggregate LabourMPsseemto favourthis page,and peoplethat ©reply or (eg thoughSamepoint) listof a tweet-and-gooption)to hardened retweet our messages Twitter) on who's talkingaboutyou;keeping PRs who arguethat it's not worth doing in a weekly spreadsheet. a noteof how manythereareand anythingunless measure we Two free tools I recommendare whether it's broadlypositive or its effecton audiences brand. and TwitterAnalyzerand Samepoint. negativechatter. I believethat socialmedia(tweets, Theformer showsgrowth of your Staysimple;it's a fluid media Facebook updates,etc) mustbe followersovertime, and - really so it's probablybestto sanity-check authentic,non-corporateand usefully- the numbersof usersthat yourselfbasedon yourconversations. conversational. it's hard to a) So readyour tweets on given days(so It's not exactscience, neitherare but 'plan' a strategyon how to talk you can work out which were your anysocialskills. don't start making Just to people('deardiary,todayI morepopularconversation-starters). noteswhen talkingto peoplefaceto-face. endeavourto speakto seven Samepoint.com becomea has Thatmightlookweird. • people,and laughat four jokes') standardin my toolkit. Enterthe and b) measurethe emotionalimpact nameofyourcharity and seewho RobDysonis PRmanagerat of peopleyou engagewith. is bloggingand micro-blogging WhizzKidz and a board member Butlo! ToolssuchasTwitalyzerand aboutyou in real-time. Thishas of CharityComms