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My Session from SharePoint Saturday Cambridge

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My session on how to build an intelligent SharePoint Bot

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My Session from SharePoint Saturday Cambridge

  1. 1. Build an intelligent SharePoint Bot Rick Van Rousselt SharePoint Saturday Cambridge
  3. 3. Sponsor Raffle!!! • Each sponsor stamp will opt you into their raffle prize and mailings • Collect 9+ sponsor stamps on your Badge to be eligible for the Xbox • Hand entire Badge/ ribbon back into registration desk at end of day • We will draw Badges for prizes at 5pm in Cromwell (if you are drawn and do not have the pre-requisite stamp/s….. You lose!)
  4. 4. Social • Make sure you tweet on #spscambridge or #sqlsatcambridge • During the event we have Giant Jenga, Sack races and Conker Fights! • After event, join us for a post event SharePint/ SQLPint from our bar • Don’t forget to thank Sponsors, Volunteers and Speakers! • The event will close at 6.30pm
  5. 5. Bots… Bots…Bots
  6. 6. What’s the first bot you ever used?
  7. 7. Q&A Maker Demo
  8. 8. Not: Should I build a bot But What is the outcome I want for users of my product or service? 1
  9. 9. What is the business outcome you want to drive? 2 - Customer retention - Customer service - Ex: helping a user until a live person is available
  10. 10. Is a conversational chatbot the best medium for your outcome? 3 - Vacation booking site? - Recipe's site?
  11. 11. Does your idea try to replace tasks that people love doing? 4 - Ex: Plan a trip
  12. 12. Is the cost for using your chatbot- powered product or service less than the perceived value? 5 - Ex: Shopping list
  13. 13. What do we need to build a SharePoint bot
  14. 14. Bot Framework Luis.ai YOU
  15. 15. Demo
  16. 16. Luis.ai
  17. 17. Utterances Training sentences Ex: What do you think the user will ask to the bot
  18. 18. Intents Task or action a user wants to perform => verbs Ex: What's the weather like in Cambridge?
  19. 19. Entities Information relevant to the intent => Nouns Ex: What's the weather like in Cambridge?
  20. 20. Entities • Prebuild: dates, times, geography • Simple • List: synonyms • Hierarchical: parent – child relationship • Ex: $TravelClass: including $First, $Business, and $Economy • Composite: made up of other entities that form part of a whole
  21. 21. Features Improve your model
  22. 22. Features • Phrase list features: • Help establish an utterance pattern • Ex: Who is Rick, Who is Jeff, Who is Dan • Always use pre-build entities if they exist first • Pattern features: • Express that some words or structures are meaningful • Ex: INCd => INC12345
  23. 23. Pre-build domains Prebuild sets of intents and entities Use them to see how it can be done
  24. 24. Luis.ai Demo
  25. 25. TIP • Always re-train your model
  26. 26. Supported Languages Locale Language Prebuilt entity support en-US American English ☑️ fr-CA Canadian French - fr-FR French (France) ☑️ it-IT Italian ☑️ nl-NL Dutch - de-DE German ☑️ es-ES Spanish (Spain) ☑️ es-MX Spanish (Mexico) - pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) ☑️ ja-JP Japanese ☑️ ko-KR Korean - zh-CN Chinese ☑️
  27. 27. The front-end part 3 choices?
  28. 28. Webchat control hosted on an azure website
  29. 29. Connect it to MS Teams
  30. 30. Skype 4 Business
  31. 31. Custom WebChat Control in SharePoint
  32. 32. SPAdminBot Demo
  33. 33. SPSNL Bot Demo
  34. 34. What happens when SharePoint talks back? Demo
  35. 35. How can I start (dev) • https://dev.botframework.com/ • https://www.luis.ai/ • https://mva.microsoft.com/en-us/training-courses/getting-started- with-bots-16759
  36. 36. How can I start (non-dev) • https://www.onsequel.com/ • https://botsociety.io/ • https://chatfuel.com/ • https://qnamaker.ai/ • https://www.luis.ai/