types of share issue issue of shares financial services financial instruments financial market financial institutions financial system venture capital open access free to use disadvantages advantages types of rights issues right issues- procedures legal guidelines right issue disadvantages of bonus shares advantages of bonus shares sources of bonus shares guidelines of sebi regarding issue of bonus shares stock dividend bonus issue documents under letter of credit process of letter of credit types of letters of credit parties to letter of credits sample of letter of credit letter of credits documentary credits residual theory of dividends modigliani and miller model gordon model walter model dividend models importance of dividend policy factors affecting dividend policy sound dividend policy types of dividend policy dividend policy types of dividends what is dividend suggestions for improvement in money market problems in indain money market instruments of money market characteristics / features of money market money market tools of financial forecasting advantages of financial forecasting financial forecasting significance / importance of financial planning characteristics of a sound financial plan factors affecting financial planning funds flow vs. cash flow statement funds flow vs. income statement fund from operations schedule of change in working capital preparation of funds flow statement importance of funds flow statement the meaning of funds flow statement weighted average cost of capital. cost of retained earnings cost of equity share capital cost of debt capital cost of preference share capital significance cost of capital recent trends of indian capital market. instruments of capital market secondary market primary market classification of indian capital market functions / significances of capital market characteristics / features of capital market capital market ways of investment in project. principles of investment decision capital investment process classification of capital investment projects features of capital investment capital investment profitability index method internal rate of return method net present value method modern methods average rate of return post pay-back profitability pay-back period traditional methods factors influencing capital budgeting features/ characteristics of capital budgeting capital budgeting analysis. feasibility analysis stages/ aspects of project formulation project formulation selecting the best project idea preliminary screening corporate appraisal monitoring of environment swot analysis generation or scrouting of ideas steps in project identification bases of project identification business opportunities project identification classification of project features of project project disadvantages of venture capital. advantages of venture capital history of venture capital methods of venture capital financing features of venture capital line of balance metwork schedule (pert/cpm) rat and cat schedule bar charts project scheduling work packages work break down structure techniques of project planning importance of master plan planning fundamentals steps of developing a project plan project master plan introduction project planning responsibility matrix matrix structure divisional structure line and staff structure functional structure line structure organization structure and responsibilities project organization project execution phase project completion phase project appraisal phase project formulation phase project conception phase project life cycle contract administration concessional contracts negotiation turnkey contracting types of contracts process of forming a project contract project contracting investment banks development banks co-operative banks commercial banks scheduled banks subsidiaries of rbi important acts of rbi rbi broad classification of banks in india features/functions of bank definition of a bank trade credit public deposit retained earnings/internal accural commercial papers term credit term loans debentures preference shares equity shares difference b/w traditional and project management evolution of project management phases of project management salient features concept of project management system development life cycle system methodologies system approach: system analysis system management
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