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  1. 1. BRIEFING PAPER 2015 “From an early age, I knew that there was something very special about Oregon and felt a strong loyalty to my homeland. Later in life, I recognized that, if I wanted my great-grandchildren to have this same connection to the land, I needed to be active in protecting this incredible place. Do what you can. If you can’t give money, give time or give your expertise, I think there is something everyone can contribute.” -JOHN GRAY, OREGON PHILANTHROPIST
  2. 2. Securing Oregon’s Legacy AN EARLY BEGINNING IN CROOK COUNTY In 1958, Margaret Milliken of Oregon State University and Austin Hamer of the Oregon Game Commission approached Crook County School Superintendent Cecil Sly with a proposal for a weeklong, residential Outdoor School project for Prineville sixth graders at Camp Tamarack. At that time, organizers believed children were spending too much time indoors and needed exposure to Oregon’s natural areas. By the 1970s roughly 80 percent of Oregon’s school districts were participating in weeklong Outdoor School programs. But with the passage of Measure 5 in 1990, severe financial cuts in education budgets came and Outdoor Schools were eliminated or drastically shortened across the state. Currently, only about half of Oregon students attend a minimum of 1-2 nights at Outdoor School. Oregon’s Outdoor Schools AN IMPACTFUL EXPERIENCE FOR OREGON Outdoor School programs give Oregon students the knowledge needed to make responsible choices about our natural resources; teach children how to work together and collaborate; and build self- sufficiency, leadership and confidence, while getting kids active and healthy. These programs: • Increase achievement in standardized testing scores & attendance • Provide accessibility for all students, regardless of income or geography • Bridge Oregon’s urban and rural divide • Teach students about their responsibility to be stewards for their community • Provide volunteer opportunities for high school students and introduce them to meaningful careers, especially in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) • Build self-confidence, leadership and collaboration skills After just 10 years of fully-funded statewide Outdoor School programs, 500,000 students will have experienced a weeklong, life-changing program, more than 30,000 high school students will have gained career-defining opportunities as counselors and 1,000 rural jobs will have been created across Oregon with over $280,000,000 in economic impact. outdoorschoolforall.org | oregonoutdoored.org | outdoorschoolforallpac.org
  3. 3. Working Together to Unite Oregon A COALITION FOR OREGON OUTDOOR SCHOOLS Launched in summer 2014, the Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition (OOEC) has built a diverse community committed to securing a permanent, stable funding source for Outdoor School statewide. • 30 Oregon leaders joined our Steering Committee, including education, business, civic and natural resource industry leaders that represent the diversity of Oregon • 14 public outreach meetings held across the state, creating regional networks and a statewide grassroots network of more than 1,000 activists • 2,662 individually-written letters sent to Oregon legislators in support of funding Outdoor School • $200,000 of in-kind services secured • $275,000 individual and foundation contributions received • 600 registered Oregon voters interviewed regarding their support for funding Outdoor School • Senate Bill 439, Oregon’s first Outdoor School Law, overwhelmingly passed both chambers in Oregon Legislature • Initiative 67 filed with the Secretary of State for the November 2016 ballot. • Established the Outdoor School for All Political Action Committee • 4,221 signatures gathered in support of Outdoor School for All AT-RISK YOUTH ATTENDING A WEEKLONG OUTDOOR SCHOOL EXPERIENCE*: 56% first time in a natural setting 27% improved science scores 22% improved problem solving 15% improved peer relationships *American Institutes of Research (2005) Outdoor School participation helps bridge the achievement gap in our schools outdoorschoolforall.org | oregonoutdoored.org | outdoorschoolforallpac.org
  4. 4. Leadership Greg Wolley, Founder / Executive Director AFRICAN AMERICAN OUTDOOR ASSOCIATION Shelley Day, Executive Director of Community Relations CAMP ATTITUDE Jack Gray, Advisor GRAY FAMILY FOUNDATION Dave Bertz, Director of Operations CB NORTHWEST/CAMP TADMOR Queta Gonzalez, National Programs Director CENTER FOR DIVERSITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT Doug Wells, CFO CHILDREN’S INSTITUTE Scott Welch, Global Corporate Relations Manager COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR Chuck Sams, Director of Communications CONFEDERATED TRIBES OF THE UMATILLA INDIAN RESERVATION Kim Silva, Executive Director FRIENDS OF OUTDOOR SCHOOL Karen Hill, CEO GIRL SCOUTS OF OREGON AND SW WASHINGTON Scott Fogarty, Executive Director FRIENDS OF TREES Morgan Rider, Connector GRADY BRITTON Nancy Bales, Executive Director GRAY FAMILY FOUNDATION Rob Patridge, District Attorney KLAMATH COUNTY Christine and David Vernier, Co-Founders VERNIER SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY Jim Desmond, Oregon State Director THE NATURE CONSERVANCY Penny H. Serrurier, Partner STOEL RIVES ATTORNEYS Charles McGee, President and CEO BLACK PARENT INITIATIVE Roberto Franco, Director LATINO PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM, OREGON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Dan Prince, Outdoor School Coordinator MULTNOMAH EDUCATION SERVICE DISTRICT Eric Friedenwald-Fishman, Creative Director METROPOLITAN GROUP Jeff Stone, Executive Director OREGON NURSERY ASSOCIATION Jay Graves, former Chair OREGON STATE PARKS COMMISSION Jim James, Executive Director OREGON SMALL WOODLANDS ASSOCIATION Roger Renekamp, Associate Dean of Outreach & Engagement OSU COLLEGE OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Elizabeth Fouts, Senior Director / Assistant Counsel THE STANDARD Randy Schild, Superintendent TILLAMOOK SCHOOL DISTRICT John Miller, President WILDWOOD/MAHONIA Thomas Doherty, PsyD, PSYCHOLOGIST, SUSTAINABLE SELF, LLC Rex Burkholder, Former Metro Councilor outdoorschoolforall.org | oregonoutdoored.org | outdoorschoolforallpac.org

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