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Rencore Webinar: Advanced Security Management within Office 365 with Liam Cleary

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Many organizations are still deciding whether to move to the cloud or not. A core reason for most organizational hesitance comes down to Security. We are not just talking end user security as such but more high-level security and control. Microsoft has addressed this by adding various features to Office 365, making it a more compelling proposition, and ensuring that Security is now a core part of all platforms and products they build.

In this webinar, guest soeaker Liam Cleary takes a closer look at one such feature: Advanced Security Management, available either within your current license or as an add-on. This tool helps you as an organization to not only control data and security but also review what is actually happening with your users and their accounts. Advanced Security Management is broken into three main components, Threat Management, Enhanced Control and Discovery and Insights. These will allow you to better protect your clouds investments and ensure that everything is secure and that you can be more proactive.

Take a look at the Advanced Security Management tool, and walk through how you can take advantage of it to help in making the decision to move to the cloud, secure your current solutions and also control shadow IT.

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Rencore Webinar: Advanced Security Management within Office 365 with Liam Cleary

  1. 1. w: rencore.com | e: info@rencore.com | t: @rencoreab Advanced Security Management within Office 365 Liam Cleary July 20th, 2017
  2. 2. Matthias Seidel Head of Marketing at Rencore Liam Cleary Microsoft MVP Solution Architect for Protiviti Our Guest Your Host
  3. 3. rencore.com Q&A Please use the Q&A functionality in Zoom instead of chat. We will pick up some questions at the end and answer the others in the follow-up email. FAQ: Recording of this webinar? Yes, the session is recorded and you will get the recording later today.
  4. 4. Advanced Security Management within Office 365 rencore.com
  5. 5. Advanced Security Management Purpose Create security dashboards Require users to log back in to Office 365 apps after an alert has been triggered Suspend user accounts exhibiting suspicious activity Define policies that trigger alerts for atypical or suspicious activities Control access to Office 365 data within mobile devices and apps See how your organization's data in Office 365 is accessed and used rencore.com
  6. 6. Advanced Security Management Licensing Combined with other licenses (e.g. E3 + ASM) Can be added to existing licenses as separate add-on Part of the E5 Office 365 license rencore.com
  7. 7. Advanced Security Management Features rencore.com Threat Detectio n Enhance d Control Discover y & Insights Identify high-risk, abnormal usage and security incidentsApply granular controls and security policiesEnhanced visibility into Office 365 usage
  8. 8. Threat Detection User Activities Administrat or Activity Behavioral Analytics Microsoft Insights rencore.com
  9. 9. Enhanced Control rencore.com Activity Policies Location & Device Aware User Aware Notifiy & Alerts
  10. 10. Discovery & Insights rencore.com Dashboard App Discovery Shadow IT Control On- premises Logs
  11. 11. Demo rencore.com Advanced Security Management within Office 365
  12. 12. Advanced Security Management vs. Cloud App Security rencore.com App discovery • Discovers 13,000 apps and provides an automated risk score • Provides ongoing risk assessment for discovered services Anomaly detection for discovered apps • Manual or automatic log upload • Discovers apps that have similar functionality to Office 365 • Manual log upload Data control • Policy setting and enforcement • DLP and data sharing controls all sanctioned apps • Identify and control apps connected to supported cloud services with the ability to revoke access • Use Azure AD Premium for user and session access control, SAML proxy for non-Azure AD customers for any app • Use existing Office DLP • Use Azure AD Premium for user and session access control • Identify and control apps connected to Office 365 with the ability to revoke access Threat prevention • Alerts dashboard includes all policy violations, threat detection, and anomaly detection across SaaS apps • Manual or automatic alert remediation • Anomaly detection and security alerts for Office 365 • Manual and automatic alert remediation
  13. 13. Takeaways Trial Cloud App Security Utilize On-premises log uploads to augment Combine with Audit log searching Setup basic alerts Purchase and Assign licenses rencore.com
  14. 14. Questions & Answers Feel free to post your questions in the Q&A section
  15. 15. How to provision artifacts to SharePoint Online without being a developer August 24th, 2017, 16:00 PM CEST Speaker: Erwin van Hunen, Microsoft MVP, MCM, SharePoint PnP Core Team, Product Owner – Transformation
  16. 16. Thank you for attending! The webinar recording will be sent to you later today.