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SSP Resources to Order - Complete Pack - Special Offer

Normal price $299 - special offer, for limited time only - $249.
$50 saving!
Everything you need to teach your child to read, write and spell quickly and easily, including scaffolded readers, to take them through all code levels, into fluency and comprehension. .

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SSP Resources to Order - Complete Pack - Special Offer

  1. 1. (RWI Phrases) Reading & Spelling Skills Acquisition The ‘What’ The ‘How’ MySpeedySSP.com / WiringBrains.com / Youtube.com/SoundPics / www.Facebook.com/Readaustralia SSP Program Developer - The Reading Whisperer - Emma Hartnell-Baker BEd Hons. MA Special Educational Needs. Strategies: “ … attention should be focused on decoding words rather than the use of unreliable strategies such as looking at the illustrations, rereading the sentence, saying the first sound or guessing what might ‘fit’. Although these strategies might result in intelligent guesses, none of them is sufficiently reliable and they can hinder the acquisition and application of phonic knowledge and skills, prolonging the word recognition process and lessening children’s overall understanding. Children who routinely adopt alternative cues for reading unknown words, instead of learning to decode them, later find themselves stranded when texts become more demanding and meanings less predictable. The best route for children to become fluent and independent readers lies in securing phonics as the prime approach to decoding unfamiliar words (Primary National Strategy, 2006b, p.9).” Order Spelling Clouds There is a poem for every Cloud. Spelling choices shown in meaningful context... 400 High Frequency (Sight) Words CODED for the brain. Achievement Awards for 7Levels. Follow the Sounds, Say the Word’ Strategies used from SSP Green. Rapid decoding leads to earlier fluency. SSP Orange in Pre-School The Speech Sound King Fast Paced, FUN, Intensive, Systematic, DIFFERENTIATED Teaching for Every Brain, of any Age. Scaffolded, Sequential, Coded Readers $249 plus GST and Postage Getting Started ~ At Any Age ~ Conductor Pack. All you need to teach any child, of any age, to read and spell. Teach Your Child To Read, Write And Spell ! Coded Readers Green ~ Purple Table top Spelling Clouds (A4 Laminated) Duck Levels 1 - 7 (Certificates) 400 High Frequency Words ‘SSP Coded’ USB included - SSP Readers - Reading Brain Training Videos to load onto tablets. - Chants on Powerpoint (animated) - Lesson Planning inc links to free games and apps. Student Poster (A3, Laminated) Only Available at WiringBrains.com