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Strategic managment process

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Everyone please view short & sweet presentation on Strategic managment process which is helpful for you strategic human resource managment.

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Strategic managment process

  1. 1. STRATEGIC MANAGMENT PROCESS Presented by Ramkrishna Rajput SHRM Roll No.15 SHRM Exam Sheet No.116046
  2. 2. STRATEGIC MANAGMENT PROCESS • Strategy Formulation • External Environmental Analysis • • Strategic Alternatives and Choice • Company’s • Mission, • Objective • Internal Environmental Analysis • Strategy implementati on • Project • Procedural • Structural • Behavioural • Functional • Strategy Evaluation & Control • Evaluation and control of strategy Feedback Feedback
  3. 3. The Basic steps of the of strategic management process include  Vision :- An organizational vision is the answer to the question.What do we want to create.  Mission :- Mission relates the company’s existence with the needs of the society.  Objective :-Accomplishment of mission of an organization requires the formulation of a number of objective.Objectives are end towards which activity is aimed.For example the objective of Hero Honda is to enhance market share.  Goals :- Goals are derived from objectives goal is precise and is expressed in clear and specific terms.The goal for the objective of Hero Honda of enhancing market share is to increase the sales of Hero Honda Motor cycles by two lakh in 2010.  Internal Environmental Analysis :- Strength and Weaknesses : Internal environmental factor include functional areas organizational
  4. 4. Resources,organisational structure and stakeholdrs analysis of these factor reveals the company strengths and weakness.For example skilled,committed and smart employees is a strength and poor financial position is the weakness of the company.  External Environmental Analysis :- Opportunities and Threats : External environment consists of Stepin viz.Socail,Technical,Economic,Political, International and Natural factors.  Revise Organisational Direction :- A thorough scanning of environment both internal and external reveals organisation’s strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats.  Formulation of Alternative Strategies :- All possible alternavtive strategies are formulated based on the available options and in the light of organizational analysis and environmental analysis.  Selective the best strategy :- All the three strategies in case of Hero Honda example cannot be and need not be implemented in the
  5. 5. At the same time.  Strategy Implementation :- The next logical step is to put the stratety in action.The strategy is to be implemented in and integrated way.  Strategy Evaluation and Control :- Implementation of the strategy may not automatically result in goal achievement.Reduction of price in case of Hero Honda example may not lead to increase in sales improving the employee skill and commitment also may not result in cost reduction.