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Comparison and contrast of Varied online

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Empowerment Technologies QUARTER 1

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Comparison and contrast of Varied online

  1. 1. Hi there! Pobreng Alindahaw
  2. 2. Comparison and Contrast the Nuances Varied Online Platforms Empowerment Technologies
  3. 3. What is online platform? Online Platform is a structure or a place that uses internet that can be used by people for different purposes. Such as for communication, educational, and business purposes. Example: Facebook, Lazada, Skype and etc.
  4. 4. What are the different online platforms? There are nine different online platforms and each of them has their own use and effectiveness: • Assistive Media • Collaborative Platform • Convergent Technologies • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) • Mobile Media • Online Systems • Social Media • Web 2.0 • Web 3.0
  5. 5. this platform is created to help people with disabilities access computers from the word itself “assistive”, they guide individuals with disability like blind people by using audio recording of the literary works. Assistive Media
  6. 6. this platform is categorized as a business software, ideal platform for a business- oriented persons sharing the same kind of interests. Collaborative Platform
  7. 7. deals with the technologies converging or coming together to form another technology. For example, scanning technology, printing technology and telecommunicating that will enable individuals to live a better life. Convergent Technologies
  8. 8. are digital forms of communication. This platform includes any communication device or applications to help people gather information and easily communicate by means of cellular phones, computer network and hardware and software, blogging and email. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  9. 9. talks about media devices such as mobile phones as the primary source of portable media from which we could get information and communicate to one another easily. Nowadays, smartphones are the most used devices for mobile media because of its features and it is handy for the users. Mobile Media
  10. 10. are online versions of information systems for sharing, managing, gathering of data and communications. This information system is online-based, we have to access to the internet in order to use this system. Online Systems
  11. 11. gathers people to share information, interest and pictures in virtual community. It allows people to interact with each other and the best example is “Facebook”. Social Media
  12. 12. is a dynamic web and a user-generated platform. It has six key features (Folksonomy, Rich User Experience, User as a Contributor, Long Tail, User Participation, Basic Trust, Dispersion) that allows users to have a better experience and also interact with other people, the user is able to see a website differently than others like in the social networking sites, blogs and video sharing sites. Web 2.0
  13. 13. also known as the ” Intelligent Web” is created more personalized than the Web 2.0. Web 3.0 is like a personal assistant to users since it provides most of the needs of the users, by simply clicking and typing of words the Web 3.0 will do its task and provide results immediately. Although it is an intelligent web, there are still several problems in this web that is why it is not fully known or accessible. Web 3.0
  14. 14. Even though this online platforms are different, they still share the same goal and that is to help individuals gather information, communicate and interact with each other for a better living. Generalization:
  15. 15. Assignment Compare and contrast web 2.0 to web 3.0.
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