research methodology indian stock exchange research cost accounting business research methods bse income tax nse management accounting principles of management stock exchange income tax basic concepts business management business economics management summer vacation report. industrial training report it report managerial economics income tax law and practice market research secondary market statistics stock market marketing institutional training report advantages of e-commerce human resource management technical analysis refresher course swayam data analysis primary market sebi business law economics arpit meaning indian contract act demand scope of total income fundamental-analysis residential status research process ratio analysis objectives e-commerce national seminar advantages eoq definition data forces fueling e-commerce meaning of e-commerce m-commerce demand functions elasticity non resident not ordinary resident ordinary resident resident moving average tax hypothesis types of research characteristics national stock exchange bombay stock exchange types budget material control labour scope inventory business demat account demat merits of e-commerce e-commerce and e- businesss control system control administration managerial skills administration vs management performance appraisal performance appraisal - importance and objectives organisational behavior personnel management advanced accounting consignment accounting executive business communication commercial correspondence elasticity of demand distinctions goals of a corporate enterprise economics for decision making basis of charge research problem social research fta features stock tips descriptive research objectives of research capital market flexible budget limitations financial accounting workshop commerce mathematics data analytics process costing halsey premium plan inventory control rowan bonus plan rowan premium plan fifo minimum level maximum level reorder level overheads taxation in india cost sheet filing of returns shortcomings of demat account benefits of demat account demat account services depository depository participant mobile banking services in mobile banking in factors affecting share price rights of investors small investors loss of confidence facilities facilities by bse technological forces e-commerce forces security decryption encryption e-commerce vs e-business anatomy of e-commerce definition of e-commerce forces inter organizational m-commerce success factors c2c b2c b2b types of e-commerce disadvantages of ecommerce evolution of e-commerce security issues in mobile comp sms wimax rfid edi m commerce e commerce internet edi applications edi in business electronic data interchange performance of contract duties of agent rights of principal rights of agent coerción free consent consent wagering agreement illegal agreement unlawful agreement commerceial law duties of bailee rights of bailee duties of bailor rights of bailor consumer rights redressal consumer significance consumer protection act legal rules of a valid offer essentials of a valid offer mercantile law commercial law meaning and types of offer types of offer meaning of offer case law merchant law statute law equity english common law sources of business law meaning of business law advantages of promotion important objectives of promotion promotion performance disadvantages of promotion meaning and definition of promotion limitations of performance appraisal principles of performance appraisal method of performance appraisal meaning of performance appraisal definition and importance of management types of managerial skills administration vs management and types of manageri functions of management management is an art management is science management as science and art nature of control control and its nature theories of management returns best judgement assessment self assessment assessing officer cbdt income tax authorities development sustainable development sustainable growth psg psgcas international seminar seminar international seminar on sustainable growth and de consolidated balance sheet goodwill minority interest holding company accounts biogeographical classification of india levels of biodiversity biodiversity mean weighted average arithmetic mean scaling techniques measurement scales research methdology peer review falsification verification acceptance justification scientific statements laws theories factor influencing perception perception superego ego id human behaviour model human behaviour process factors of job satisfaction job satisfaction job evaluation and merit rating merit rating job evaluation hrd benefits hrd best practices hrd options human resource development hrd interview testing right sizing selection recruitment role analysis job analysis hrm functions of hrm objectives of hrm principles of accountancy higher financial accounting consignee consignor powerpoint and internet access ms word circular letters objectives and functions of sales letters & circul sales letters collection series collection letters complaints and adjustments functions of business letters need of business letters business letters - need and functions modern communication methods nature of communication characteristics and importance communication long term cost curve short term cost curve ltc stc cost determinants cost output relationship cost output cost functions cross elasticity of demand cross elasticity income elasticity types and factors affecting price elasticity price elasticity of demand market segment total market market share demand distinctions demand distinctions and elasticity of demand disti factors affecting demand determinants of demand determinants or factors affecting demand features of demand characteristics of demand meaning of demand definitions of demand definitions and characteristics of demand objectives of a corporate enterprise values of a corporate enterprise goals of a corporate enterprise - sales maximizati sales maximization goals of a firm aims of a firm profit maximization goals of a corporate enterprise - profit maximizat managerial economist responsibilities roles roles and responsibilities of a managerial economi scope of managerial economics manaerial economics nature of managerial economics economics - meaning pension and leave encashment gratuity allowances provident fund basic concepts salaries - characteristics normal loss and abnormal loss job costing vs process costing need for a good design and important concepts rela parts components of a research design need for research design scope of total income - problems and solutions flow diagram for hypothesis testing steps involved in hypothesis testing one tailed test and two tailed test type i error and type ii error testing of hypothesis the level of significance basic concepts concerning testing of hypothesis scope of total income - problems and solutions - need for review of literature techniques involved in defining a problem selecting the problem components of a research problem limitations of social research some other types of research conceptual vs. empirical quantitative vs. qualitative applied vs. fundamental descriptive vs. analytical person assessment year previous year agricultural income important definitions social characteristics and importance. history and features income tax act objectives and motives definitions company-analysis company profiles industry market-analysis industry-analysis fundamental analysis industry analysis company analysis mcx tips relative strength index relative strength rsi elliott wave theory dow theory elliott dow macd business model online business obt ecommerce consolidation cross over share price movements exponential moving average simple moving average diagnostic research exploratory research research design self occupied let out house property total income small business business income techniques and research process steps research problem identification type ii error type i error two tailed test one tailed test development of a working hypothesis and testing of sampling data collection types of data assessee purpose capital vs revenue exempted incomes money market indian economy fixed budget nifty sensex production budget master budget functions internet stock trading cash flow statement grievance rights investor lameduck stag bear bull speculation modes of organisation history insider trading brokers jobbers sif stock index future application based research nano technology budget analysis tally information security android computer science ethical hacking finance analysis risk management international insurance biological sciences conference தமிழ் பன்னாட்டு கருத்தரங்கு conclave iipc tnscst higher education in usa capacity building programme layola college fintech international conference costume design edp national workshop biotechnology financial markets financial services costing methods contract costing inventory management secondary distribution primary distribution rowan plan danger level lifo first in first out digital era national level seminar oracle ms office m com ca lab manual indirect tax gst direct tax quotation tender project fina primary data customer satisfaction marketing project research project b com ca
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