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Transforming Lives using Agile

This presentation was presented during Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015.

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Transforming Lives using Agile

  1. 1. Raju K @rajucsmprince2 Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015 Bangalore, India Agile Beyond Tech Transforming Lives Using Agile & Scrum Kubair Shirazee @Kubair www.shirazee.com
  2. 2. I am... an Products Markets & Relationships Kubair Shirazee @Kubair I Building Practicing Agile 1998 Open Source & Emerging Tech Evangelist
  3. 3. I am... an Enterprise Agile Coach Practicing Agile 2008 I Facilitating Agile Transformations K. Raju @rajucsmprince2 Agile Facilitation Practitioner Visual Thinker
  4. 4. …It’s a JOURNEY
  5. 5. …we call it
  7. 7. Peace Through Prosperity’s approach WORKS!… the results are tangible and clear …and we want to scale the program so that the 99% can benefit from our approach across the world……because the world is one family. As concerned citizens we want to be able to scale the proven approach developed by Peace Through Prosperity so that individual communities across the globe can benefit from the approach, experience and platform. To Enable this PTP has: + made our approach Open Source + made materials Open Source and License Free + made our team members available for training over Skype or in person + made our digital team and platform available to partners We only stipulate you share monthly progress reports and follow our processes and practices.
  8. 8. 1st Pilot Outside of Pakistan is in A n d h r a P r a d e s h
  9. 9. Step One: Translation of Core Scrum into Telugu సంపదను ద్వారా శంతి ఎజై ల్Agile
  10. 10. Step Two: Translation of PTP Curriculum into Telugu సంపదను ద్వారా శంతి ‫اردو‬ తెలుగు
  11. 11. Step Three: Translation of PTP Survey into Telugu సంపదను ద్వారా శంతి ‫اردو‬ తెలుగు
  12. 12. Step Four: Establish Project Scope based on Budget and Timebox for the pilot in Tirupati, AP సంపదను ద్వారా శంతి
  13. 13. Step Five: Establish and Train the Team in Tirupati, AP సంపదను ద్వారా శంతి
  14. 14. Step Six: Selection of Street Based Trades to Target into Tirupati, AP సంపదను ద్వారా శంతి
  15. 15. Step Seven: Analyse localised intervention nuances for Street Based Trades in Tirupati, AP సంపదను ద్వారా శంతి Using Agile Product Design
  16. 16. Step Eight: Establish Project Goals and Metrics for the pilot in Tirupati, AP సంపదను ద్వారా శంతి
  17. 17. Step Nine: Establish Project Backlog for the pilot in Tirupati, AP సంపదను ద్వారా శంతి
  18. 18. Thank YOU We Are Doing Our PART…as citizens, neighbours and fellow inhabitants of the Third Rock www.Bringptp.com Kubair Shirazee | @Kubair |www.shirazee.com Raju K | @rajucsmprince2 TAKE PART & DO YOURS…. Lets Transform Our world... Together Vasudhaiv Kutumbam