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Resume v4

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Resume v4

  1. 1. RAHUL BHARDWAJ— bhardwr@Purdue.edu ● Mobile: (425) 283-2855 Passionate young engineer with extensive manufacturing and robotics experience. 3 summer internships, 2 part time jobs all within the field of mechanical engineering, 4,800 hours of robotics experience, 400+ hours of CAD experience. EDUCATION International School-Bellevue, WA September 2010-June 2014  Top 10 high schools in nation, exceeded math and physics available courses, ranked in top 20% of class Purdue University  Mechanical Engineering Technology and Robotics Manufacturing Engineering Technology Major (enrolled in 6 classes for 16 credits; Fall 2014) EXPERIENCE IEEE Aerial Robotics-Design Team September 2014-Present  Team to design and build from scratch fully autonomous airplane to compete in nationwide competition  Modeled of entire airplane in SolidWorks including airflow, center of mass, and stress analysis  Developed manufacturing and assembly methods to rapidly assemble and repair plane following damage PicoBrew-Lead Mechanical Engineering Intern June 2013-August 2014  Startup developing world’s first fully robotic beer brewing robot with Wi-Fi capabilities  Designed sheet metal, custom molds, injection molded parts, and manufacturing/assembly drawings  Optimized compression molding machine to produce higher quality parts at a quicker rate  Designed and machined tooling to improve assembly time of overall machines as well as of specific components  Conducted research and developmental work on new accessories and manufacturing methods Dan Terry and Associates-Mechanical Engineering Intern May 2012-June 2013  Aluminum extrusion manufacturing vendor and mechanical design consulting firm  Designed custom aluminum extrusion, heat sinks, and custom LED light boxes for manufacturing via CNC mill  Conducted research on hydro turbines, robotics, and pneumatic firearms FIRST Robotics-Team Captain September 2006-May 2014  50 person robotics team, competing in two separate competitions at the global level  Designed two robots per year in SolidWorks with parts designed and sent out for sheet metal manufacturing  Created exploded view assembly drawings and part drawings for quick assembly and manufacturing of robots  Led 7 different robotics teams, spent over 4,800 hours on robotics in four years Apprentice: September 2006-Present  Engineering, manufacturing, leadership experience under supervision of Microsoft engineers  LEDs, schematics, electrical and pneumatic systems experience under supervision of Microsoft engineers TECHNICAL SKILLS CAD/Technical Graphics October 2009-Present  5 years (400+ hours) experience designing robots, heat sinks, aluminum extrusion, and sheet metal parts  Sent out 300+ parts for manufacturing on behalf of professional organizations/robotics teams  Ran flow and stress analysis in SolidWorks to assess efficiencies and strengths of robotic airplane  Fluent in SolidWorks and CATIA, as well has free hand engineering drawings Machining October 2009-Present  Experienced with drill press, lathe, mill, laser cutter, belt sander, chop and band saw, etc. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Community Involvement May 2009-Present  Represented Boeing to advance Science and Technology during Seattle Airshow (2010,2011,2013)  Over 500 hours of community service advancing science and technology to youth