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Resume Renee2015

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Resume Renee2015

  1. 1. Renee L. Walker 2212 Star Mist Drive SW Atlanta, Georgia30311 reneekwalker28@yahoo.com 678-508-3898 ________________________________________________________________________ SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS  Strong computer skills in WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, MS Outlook, and Power Point.  Excellent customer service, communication and telephone skills.  Self-motivated, self-starter takes pride in doing a great job and always willing to learn more.  Friendly, courteous and articulate. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Office Experience Secretary for GORA (Georgia Open Records Act). Back up to front reception area as needed Communicating with customers and their representatives for file reviews Using GORA (Georgia Open Records Act) Guidelines and Law for reviews Keeping up with multiple Customers accounts for file reviews Responsibilities:  Insured that all calls got to appropriate person  Typing correspondence, memos, and letters to insure they were sent out by deadline  Successfully Maintained a multiple filing system, which resulted in files being a complete set for reviews  Assist with back-up to other support staff and other office duties when needed. Administrative and Managerial Support  Solved problems with customers when there was a dispute in their review.  Keep Directors office and Branch Chief abreast of any problems that may occur during a review  Keep GORA back up personnel abreast of any changes with policy and procedures EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 2005-2015 Secretary II Georgia Depart of Natural Resources EDUCATION HISTORY Advanced Career Training, Riverdale, Georgia: Medical Assistant Westwood High School, Atlanta, Georgia: Diploma