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The Regus Business Lounge at Midtown Offers New Yorkers a Better Way to Work

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The Regus Business Lounge at Midtown Offers New Yorkers a Better Way to Work

  1. 1. The Regus Business Lounge at Midtown Offers New Yorkers a Better Way to WorkThe Regus New York Worker Survey was conducted between April 11th and April 24th, 2013 using an email invitation and an online survey,among 800 workers who live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, have jobs that can be performed from anywhere, and either work inManhattan or visit Manhattan frequently for work.62% OF NEW YORKERS ARE EXPECTED TO BE “ALWAYS ON,”BUT NEED A PLACE WHERE THEY CAN STAY PRODUCTIVE WHILE AWAY FROM HOME AND THE OFFICEAlmost nine in ten New York workers reportthat their jobs entail working outside of theirprimary office at least a little bit of the timeDID YOU KNOW?Midtown is the #1 neighborhood NewYorkers find themselves in during theworkdayMidtown also ranks highest in conveniencefor professionals coming to Manhattanfrom out of townThe Regus Lounge at Midtown - 747 Third Ave. New York, NY - 646-722-250068% have workedfrom restaurants,bars or coffeeshopsNEW YORKERS WORK FROM INEFFECIENT, UNPRODUCTIVE PLACES13% haveworkedfrom abathroom72% have worked in transitThese locations don’t providenecessities that are crucial toworkers when they’re on the goMost agree that to work productivelythey’d need reliable internet access(71%), a comfortable place to sit (60%)and decent lighting (50%)In an ideal workspace, sixty percentwould most needaccess to a poweroutlet, with security(41%) and privacy(37%) close behindThe Regus Lounge at Midtown is theperfect, centrally located touch down pointfor workers in NYC, offering:Free wi-fiFree coffeeSecurityPrivacy5,500 sq. ft. of drop in workspaceOver 100 electrical outletsOver 100 seatsOn average, they spend nine days a month awayfrom their offices