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Tried and tested proposal methods used by top bid managers

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We’ve asked some of the top bid managers to share some insights on the proposal methods they use to develop winning proposals. If you’d like to know what you can do to improve your processes, take it from the experts who have learnt what works best and has proven results.

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Tried and tested proposal methods used by top bid managers

  1. 1. Why? • You want to tell a story with your proposal. If there is no encompassing theme, your solutions will not be clear. • An overarching win theme helps to avoid vague and generalized statements. • A theme used throughout will make your proposal easier to digest. Develop win themes early
  2. 2. Why? • You need to focus on the customers’ requirements. • Your sales team can provide you with valuable insight into where your value propositions should lie. • You can then tailor your storyboard to develop personalized and customer specific proposals. • Doing this makes sure that your solutions match the prospects’ needs. Work closely with your sales team
  3. 3. Why? • Using defined, efficient processes cuts down costs, increases productivity and improves quality. • Automation tools help to create proposal templates that resonate with customers and reduce the time and stress of working on multiple proposals. Improve your proposal process
  4. 4. Why? • Training helps your team to understand the core proposal best practices and when and how to apply them. • Helps your team to develop their skills, manage multiple proposals, learn how to collaborate effectively and even use new technology tools. Provide training
  5. 5. Why? • Data collection is vital for research and inaccurate data will impact the evaluation of your bid. • Qualitative data focuses on the exploratory aspect, like the ‘how’ and ‘why’. • Quantitative methodologies addresses usable statistics through comparative research and thorough evaluation. • Evaluators will not buy into your proposal unless you use sufficient, measurable, and verifiable proof to persuade and convince. Use varying methodologies in collecting data.
  6. 6. There are many established proposal methods that teams use to increase their proposal win rate. These are just some of the recipes for success that top bid managers have tried and tested.They have seen the difference in their turn around times, proposal standards and teamwork. Find out how a winning proposal process can ensure that you generate proposals that stand out from the crowd by downloading the guide below. C lick here to download the Guide to Winning Proposal Methodologies