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Social Media Presentation: Power to the CoWsumer

Presentation for de Diary NPD, 16 Februar 2012

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Social Media Presentation: Power to the CoWsumer

  1. 1. Power to the Consumer in Digital Channels Diary NPD
  2. 2. My Timeline Elmar Duiveman, founderqibiq, born 1976 +10 yearsexperience in digital &social media elmar@qibiq.nl 1976 1998 2008 2018 Today World Online timeline 1976 1983 1998 2008 2018 Today
  3. 3. Source: The Social Revolution
  4. 4. At this moment: Social Media @ FrieslandCampina:a leading global player in Dairy ProductsOver 400.000 cows…More than 15.000 farmers…Over 124 brands….20.000 co workers….Our goal to engage millions of Consumers
  5. 5. At this moment: Social Media @ FrieslandCampina:a leading global player in Dairy ProductsOver 400.000 cows…More than 15.000 farmers…Over 124 brands….20.000 co workers….Our goal to engage millions of CoWsumers
  6. 6. Social Media Intro @ FrieslandCampina
  7. 7. Listen & Collaborate
  8. 8. Power to the Consumer in Social/ Digital channels “Some long time ago, farmers and trading companies have forgot to talk to consumers. Social Media Changes behavior and attitudes. So start to listen to the Cow-Sumer and build their success for the long run”PRODUCT MARKETING COWSUMERS Diary NPD
  9. 9. Digital Route FrieslandCampina: Customer Centric Strategy1. Listen, learn and develop2. Generate awareness / gain followers3. Establish Needs/Wants4. Positive Association with the brands5. Form/Change Opinion6. Influence the Influencers7. Drive Action/Traffic /Conversion8. Establish/Regain Trust/Engage
  10. 10. It’s all about Relationship ManagementCreate Brand awareness (introduction) “Hi –I am [your brand]” Relationships -How do Brand they start and develop? recognition (recognition) “Hey aren’t you [your brand]?”Build positive attitude (building relationship) “I really like you, can we meet more often?“ Build up a relationship (feeling comfortable) “It’s great you appreciate what I am doing for you Invoke and I thank you for being loyal to me!”interdependen cies (getting involved & commitment) Consumer “I know you well and know what you like. share Brand activity Are you ready to commit in holy matrimony?”Ambassadorspromote your (recommendation) brand “[your brand] is the greatest I have ever met! And I am proud it’s mine!”Source: BrandNewGame
  11. 11. The Big Idea A Social Brand Needs A great story behind the brand A goal to reach A structured way of working A great social media plan
  12. 12. OurCowsumersin 2020
  13. 13. THE DNA Of the Z Generation: Born 1990’s till presentZ Generation a.k.a. NET Generation or GENERATION MConsumers are mobile & 24/7 on social media! In Communities or online networks.Values of the new generationMaking IT easy: let technology work for you 98% own a computer 97% own a cell phone 75& own a portable music/video device
  14. 14. 62 % of the Global ‘Z Generation’ 2020 are apathetic about advertising42% make purchase decisions based on recommendations of friends. Why?1. Longterm relationships2. Connected to engaged fans3. Share good experiences
  15. 15. Consumers trust social media on #3What does this mean for Traditional Media?
  16. 16. Online channels
  17. 17. FACEBOOK-LED SOCIAL MEDIA MARKET IS REDEFINING COMMUNICATIONSocial networking continues to a mass online users and capture anincreasing share of their time, redefining how people interact with theirpersonal social circles and brands in both the online and offlineenvironments.Social Networking accounted for 16.6 percent of all online minutes at the end of2011 and is on track to surpass Portals as the most engaging online activity in 2012.Facebookcontinues to lead as the driving force behind this shift in consumerbehavior accounting for the largest share of online minutes across the entireweb in 2011.(source: Commscorejan. 2012)
  18. 18. Different Channels have different levels of rewards+1 point Internet site Point of Sale DRIVE TO STORE and LOYALTY Mobiles services Social Networks Source: DDB
  19. 19. The consumers uses different channels for orientation, get to know how to reach them Source: SQ1
  20. 20. Online NATURAL retailsaleswill grow SEARCHSOCIAL from 6,6% in 2009MEDIA to 30% in 2020 ONLINE DISPLAY PAID SEARCH E-MAILSource: SQ1
  21. 21. How to involve and engage your Cowsumers ?What are your good/best practices in Dairy?
  22. 22. How to involve and engage your Cowsumers ?• Start every meeting with a story from aconsumer• Make Social & Digital part of the way we work• Make it fun• Make it convenient• Start to Listen and Learn from your customer
  23. 23. Best Practices
  24. 24. 1. Consumer Centric Social Brands
  25. 25. Sellsbreastmilk online in localcommunities
  26. 26. Not for profit:52 countries around the world130 Facebook community pagesover 20,000 community page members.Virtual communities help hundreds ofbabies in need receive breastmilk everysingle day.
  27. 27. Dutch influencers are askedtogive feedback on Danone’sDairyproduct and Co-Createwith ‘De Danalogen’
  28. 28. Movie: Best practice: Marmati
  29. 29. Thank you!Questions?Ask @qibiq of mail to elmar@qibiq.nl