ieee projects list • pvr technologies • btech projects • ieeeprojects • btech and mtech projects • pvr technology • embedded systems eee 2015 2016 ieee project titles • ieee abstracts • power systems • 2016 • 2015 • mtech projects • control systems • 2015 2016 • btech • power electronics • ieeeprojects • mtech • nellore pvr technologies 2015-2016 ieee java titles list pvrieeeprojects pvr technologies civil engineering projects javaprojects embedded system projects civil engineering miniprojects mscprojects mca projects cloud computing applicationprojects networking ecematlab dataminig ieee abstracts ieeeprojects vlsi ieee abstracts android 2015-2016 ece mat lab(image processing and communi mobile computing ieee projects list image processing application basepaper rfid 2016 pvr technologies java multimedia 2015-2016 ieee cloud computing abstract communication staff promotion decider android application mtech projects • • btech projects • • btech projects • mtech projects • ieeeproject ieee projects cse cloud computing abstract webapplications application projects applications controlling using x beezig bee wireless data logger using rf communication remote controlled home automation using bluetooth analysis of a r c c building using staad multilevel inverter control systems • distribution systems • btech • • mtech • • ieee abstracts • power electronics • 2015 2016 • • power systems • btech and mtech projects • • ieeeprojects • • eee 2015 2016 ieee project titles • • 2015 • ieee projects list • • mtech • btech projects mtech projects 2015 btech mtech imageprocessing optimal configuration of network coding in ad hoc distortion aware concurrent multipath transfer for basepapers 111.audition mastery conduct cryptography system 78.hotel management 72.easy railway ticketing 42.shriek kernal system eee 2015 2016 ieee project titles data collection in multi application sharing a secure and dynamic multi keyword ranked search s authenticated key exchange protocols generating searchable public key ciphertexts with a computational dynamic trust model for user autho a distributed three hop routing protocol to increa towards effective bug triage with software data re smart crawler a two stage crawler service operator aware trust scheme for resource secure distributed deduplication systems with impr reducing fragmentation for in line deduplication public integrity auditing for shared dynamic cloud key aggregate searchable encryption (kase) for gro identity based encryption with outsourced revocati energy aware load balancing and application scalin dynamic radio coordination for improved quality of quality of-protection-driven data forwarding for i security and privacy in cloud assisted wireless we solutions and future directions toward long term quality of protection in mobile n webbasedprojects security system for dns using cryptography nonieeeprojects ieeeep online quiz medicine purchase online blood donation system ieep .online admission management system mcx tips online placement and training medical reference system library management system 08.hairstyles 10.inventory management system exam results applicatoin 06.e voting system courier information system 4.corporate transportation attendance management system i 01.abstract for airline reservation system mcaprojects dotnet projects credit card fraud detection projects new web based projects list newprojects robust ultra-wideband direction finding in dense c higher rank interference effect on weak beamformin joint cloud and wireless networks operations in in design and performance analysis of anew multiresol power controlled medium access control adaptive selection of antennas for optimum transmi control cloud-data-access-privilege-and-anonymity- ieeee control cloud data access privilege and anonymity cloud keybank privacy and owner authorization circuit ciphertext policy attribute-based hybrid e audit free cloud storage via deniable attribute ba closeness through-microaggregation-strict-privacy- a secure-anti-collusion-data-sharing-scheme-for-dy a proximity-aware-interest-clustered-p2 p-file-sha project management agent based interactions and economic a pron¼üt maximization scheme with guaranteed qu a computational-dynamic-trust-model-for-user-autho mobile public integrity auditing for dynamic data a distortion-resistant-routing-framework-for-video ipas: implicit password authentication system detection of selfish nodes in networks using coopm pvr technologies 2013 java ieee project titles pvr technologies 2014 java ieee project titles number plate detection theft detector – alarm system android applicatio android applications speak up android application sketch yourself android application parent communication register android application android projects kisan seva android application gps based friend tracker android application shortest path versus multihub routing in networks shortest path interference based topology control algorithm for protocol using fictitious nodes zigbee based wireless electronic notice board green house monitoring and controling through zigb industrial parameters monitoring &amp multiple devices controlling using x beezig bee wireless data encryption and decryption using zigb remote controllable and energy saving room archite power plant parameters monitoring &amp controlling using x beezig bee [with front end] pc based power plant parameters monitoring t&amp patient health monitoring system using zigbee rfid based security authentication system rfid based car parking system rfid based parcel tracing system rfid based national card passport system rfid based highway toll collection rfid based banking system library management system using rfid wireless data encryption and decryption for securi wireless temperature monitoring system using r.f c wireless data logger using rf communication (2) pc based hitech home implementation [with front en ieee street light management using pc [with front end] real time college alarm using pc [with front end] power cut scheduling using pc [with front end] ieeep pc based industrial parameters announcement system gas detection robot for atomic power station live human identification robot metal detecting robot object sensing pick &amp place robot path tracking robo smoke sensing robot solar based robot water sprinkling robot for fire safety automatic fall detection and activity monitoring f accelerometer based hand gesture recognition syste mems based home appliance control wheel chair direction control with gesture recogni mems based robo control ieeep]btech development of an embedded system for unmanned rai fire detection and automatic alert system substation monitoring and control system using gsm sms based electrical appliance control for home of monitoring using mobile real time industrial process controlling &amp railway accident idenfitication and alert system intelligent system for hazardous gas human detecti industrial electrical devices control system throu automobile theft identification using gps gps gps based station arrival announcement system for gps based high precision universal clock for atomi dtmf based device control dtmf based security locking syst em dtmf based industrial parameter controlling system dtmf based home automation accident identification using gps and gsm automatic power meter reading system using gsm net gsm and gps based live human detection with pir se pvr technologieembedded systems gps and gsm based office cab monitoring alerting a gsm based school children security system based on embedded sytems security access control using gps and gsm rfid based bus announcemtn system using apr9600 modern restaurants atomization for wireless menu d pvr industrial devices controlling system using blueto bluetooth robot with cmos image sensor bluetooth based industrial data acquisition system projectsonembedded systems fingerprint based lift operating system fingerprint based electronic voting system fingerprint based authentication system fingerprint based attendance record system finger print recognized atm system finger print based vehicle security system finger print based security system finger print based bank locker system project on soil stabilization and reinforcement rural road development detailed study and execution of post tension slabs design of elevated service reservoir analysis and execution of road work on nh design of a bridge deck using staad design of a storage tank using staad water sampling test highway project construction of a residential building sewage treatment and analysis using staad construction planning of multi st design of super structure design and planning of auditorium by staad pro construction planning of multi storied residenti design of rcc over head tank design oriented projects road under bridge payment design pile foundation mixing ratio in concrete mix design of concrete 1.girder bridge design an isolated multiport dc dc converter for photo vo distributed voltage control with electric springs dc dc buck power converter as a smooth starter for comparison of detailed modeling techniques for mmc control strategy for improved dynamic performance cascaded control system of the modular multilevel a hybrid filter for the suppression of common mode a novel and simple single phase modulator for the elimination of dc link ripple for modular multilev an improved i upqc controller to provide additiona a robust dc link voltage control strategy to enhan a new reactive current reference algorithm for the discovery of ranking fraud for mobile apps a quad two level inverter configuration for four-p an electrolytic capacitor-free single phase high p an adaptive power oscillation damping controller b a quasi z-source direct matrix converter feeding a a novel control method for transformerless h bridg analysis and comparison of peak to-peak current ri a single phase cascaded multilevel inverter based analysis and operation of modular multilevel conve a bidirectional modular multilevel dc–dc convert an improved control system for modular multilevel analysis of the phase shifted carrier modulation f a modular multilevel dc dc converter with fault bl five level inverter using pod pwm technique comparative analysis of cascade h-bridge multileve asymmetrical multilevel inverter for higher output mmi asymmetrical multilevel inverter higher output voltage levels performance of three phase ii-level inverter with voltage source inverter new three-phase symmetrical multilevel voltage sou three-phase symmetrical multilevel new isolated multilevel inverter a new isolated multilevel inverter based on cascad cascaded three-phase converter blocks seventeen-level inverter formed by cascading flyin five level multiple-pole pwm ac–ac converters wi a new hybrid active neutral point clamped flying c about voltage total harmonic distortion for single single- and three-phase multilevel inverters evaluation of wind power curtailment in active net computational study of security constrained econom variable resource dispatch through do not-exceed l security games for risk minimization in automatic robust optimization of storage investment on trans reliability analysis of substation monitoring syst power system voltage stability assessment based on optimal placement and sizing of distributed genera optimal ess allocation for load management applica enhanced security constrained opf with distributed economic dispatch with non smooth objectives—par dynamic reserve zones for day ahead unit commitmen capacity of low voltage grids for distributed gene mtech projects • • • btech projects • • • atc based system reduction for planning power syst ieeeprojects • • • control systems • • btech • • • power electronics • • btech and mtech projects • • • mtech • • • eee 2015 2016 ieee project titles • • • ieee projects list • • • ieee abstracts • • power systems • • 2015 2016 • • • 2015 • • ac power flow representation in conic format hierarchical decentralized network reconfiguration distribution systems btech • btech and mtech projects • control systems eee 2015 2016 ieee project titles • 2015 2016 • power systems ieee projects list • power electronics 2015 2016 btech and mtech projects doubly fed induction generator for wind energy con matlab simulink analysis and mitigation of resonance propagation i vector sparse representation of color image using ecemlatlab 9. salient region detection via integrating wormhole attack detection algorithms in wireless n universal network coding based opportunistic routi statistical dissemination control in large machine shared authority based privacy preserving authenti security aware relaying scheme for cooperative net security optimization of dynamic networks with pro secure distributed deduplication systems secure and reliable routing protocols for heteroge secure and distributed data discovery and dissemin receiver cooperation in topology control for wirel real time path planning based on hybrid-vanet-enha provable multicopy dynamic data possession in clou privacy preserving detection of sensitive data exp privacy preserving and truthful detection of packe maximizing p2 p file access availability in mobile malware propagation in large scale networks low complexity features for jpeg steganalysis usin joint beamforming power and channel allocation in multi user and mul improving the network lifetime of mane ts through face recognition across non uniform motion blur illumination and pose enabling efficient multi keyword ranked search ove emr a scalable graph based ranking model for conte efficient top k retrieval on massive data effective key management in dynamic wireless senso drops division and replication of data in cloud fo data collection in multi application sharing wirel cost aware s ecure routing (caser) protocol design content based image retrieval by metric learning f collision tolerant and collision free packet sched pvr technology authenticated key exchange protocols for parallel audit free cloud storage via deniable attribute-ba an efficient distributed trust model for wireless an attribute assisted reranking model for web imag aggregated proof based hierarchical authentication active learning for ranking through expected loss a scalable and reliable matching service for conte a profit maximization scheme with guaranteed quali a lightweight secure scheme for detecting provenan a hybrid cloud approach for secure authorized dedu java project a distortion resistant routing framework for video 131.telephone record register 130.inter mingle point project administration 128.user friendly warehouse 127.gateway of conversation 126.ambulance service source 125.job service provider banking with random password generator collection 122.funny horoscope banker 121.project status information system abstract 120.electronic network banking 119.interactional system 118.medi tracker 117.collaborative law assignments 116.intranet mailing organization 115. online education classes e b anking security 113.certificate substantiation 112.blood contributor symbiosis 110.ajax based personal controller 109.standard workstation regulator 108.file encryption mechanism network 105. computerized hospitals service 104.commercial help desk 103.government health solutions center system 101. e care system 100 .news system 99.employee payroll system 98.library automation 95.web mail filter 94.inconstant database system management scheme 91.intrusion discovery system 90.web reporting development 88. employee salary information system 87.budget management system 86.result indication system 85 .online telephone billing 84.personal identity management 83.e bill board floor covering mobile management 80.e time table post office 77.stock analysis of variance 76.bug traacking for improving software efficiency 75.bpo solution incorporation 74.expertise hospital management pharmaceuticals 71.easy movie ticket booking 70 .lic 69.e wheels 68.tree plant management system 67 .movie lease procurement system 65.e police officer 64.returning home town 63.attendance system 62.academia technologies 61. atm bank sw 60.e counseling 59.quotations made effortless 58.notational composition 57.fuji allotment system 56.coders adjunction point 55.e shopping mall card 53.secured net public sale 52. corporate hrm data content enabled academia banking sales system 48 e voting 47.sdlc automation system 46.flight reservation system 45.corruption eradication through finance 44.web based java compiler with security editor gateway 41.lord of links insurance &amp assignment assurance booking system 36.logistic network management 35.telecom linkage system 33.word graph system 32. readymade sql operations 31.citizen services management system 30.self analysis system location system utilization system 27.resource cost management system 26.image identification system examination process chattering 23.district collect discourse 22.birth certificate abstract 21.remote management system asministrative system plus 18.important information 17.public distribution system 16.out sourcing management system 14 online venue booking 13.multi search system 12.standard database editor 11.e zest 10.sprouting dispatch rider to customer processing system 8.e retail counter assessment 6. e finance services administrator system 3.exposure of suspicious email 2.doc box objec oriented web model for testing webapp analysis of 16 bit risc processor using low power &amp 18.a high performance fir filter architecture for and implementation of 16 x 16 multiplier 17.low power multiplier architectures using vedic of area and power aware reduced complexi of area and power efficient digital fir 15. design and simulation of single layered logic 13.fpga implementation of scalable microprogrammed and analysis of approximate compressors 11 an-efficient-vlsi-architecture-of-a-reconfigura 9.aging aware reliable multiplier design with adap 10.reverse converter design via parallel prefix ad 8.a novel vhdl implementation of uart with single 7.fpga implementation of vedic floating point mult and implementation of fast floating point 5. fault tolerant parallel filters based on error of low power and high speed carry select 3.a novel realization of reversible lfsr for its a 2.low power compressor based mac architecture for vlsi 2015-2016 ieee abstracts 1.fully reused vlsi architecture of fm0 manchester vlsi vlsi 2015-2016 titles list lightweight secure scheme for detecting provenance cost minimizing dynamic migration of content distr cost effective authentic and anonymous data sharin revealing the trace of high quality jpeg fr app e detecting malicious facebook applications optimum power allocation in sensor networks for ac steganography using reversible texture synthesis learning to rank image tags with limited training detection and rectification of distorted fingerpr an attribute assisted reranking data mining rule based method-for_entity_resolution query aware determinization of uncertain objects page a partition aware engine for parallel graph c entity linking with a knowledge base issues techni secure auditing and deduplicating data in cloud abstracts 2015-2016 ieee projects cse cloud computing abstracts o po r enabling proof of retrievability in cloud c enabling cloud storage auditing with key exposure 2015-2016 ieee java projectslist
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